Q&A with Marcus Randall

LSU's quarterback talks about how he's ready to bounce back from the Tigers' loss at Auburn.

Q: After the South Carolina game, did you get to thinking football was easier than you thought it was?

A: Yeah (laugh). Playing the South Carolina game the way I did, my confidence got up really high. That carried over into the next week (against Auburn) and I tried to force things. There were throws I made in the South Carolina game that I couldn't make in the next game. It did kind of carry over.

Q: What did coach Fisher tell you to work on?

A: He just told me about game management, not trying to win the game but just manage the game, trying to get the ball to our great players we have on offense…just trying to take it step-by-step.

Q: Did the Auburn game shake your confidence?

A: Maybe a little bit right after game. But after going out last week and getting back to fundamentals, my confidence is back up so I'm ready to play on Saturday.

Q: A few other players have said it was a good week of practice and they have their confidence back. What were some of the things you said or did to tell the team you were all right so they'd be all right?

A: Instead of me going out there down and still thinking about the last game, I still know we control our own destiny. We still can go out an accomplish most of our goals for the season. I know that if the guys saw that I was down, those around me would be down. So I went back out fired up and ready to practice.

Q: How much has the coaching staff gone back to fundamentals this year with you and Mat, compared to working with Rohan last season?

 A: When Rohan was here, he had a lot of experience and he was a fifth-year senior. Me and Matt are just sophomores and we didn't have much game management (experience). We go over two-minute drills and third down situations, a lot of fundamentals that are just going to really prepare us for the game.

Q: Do you talk to Matt?

A: I just talked to him Saturday…He just asked me about last week's game and how I felt and discuss things. He talked about how he felt after he had his first bad game. He just told me some things he did to bounce back.

Q: Where do you think the passing game stands now? You had a good game throwing against South Carolina and then follow it with a bad game against Auburn. How productive can the passing game be?

A: Our passing game could be very productive because we have a lot of good wideouts and dumping it down to Domanick Davis out of the backfield is a good weapon, too. We can be great. We kind of fell off at Auburn, but before that the offensive was really clicking well. We're just going to bounce back, prepare hard for this Kentucky team and just take it from there.

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