LSU Pro Day Action

NFL scouts and coaches flocked to the LSU Indoor Practice Facility on Wednesday as 16 Tigers and four former LSU players put their skills on display at the LSU Pro Day.

The LSU Sports Information Department posted all of the times and measurables and here are some news and notes from what I observed on the day.

All eyes were on Glenn Dorsey, who is projected to go anywhere from first to tenth overall, and the big defensive tackle did not do anything but raise more than a few eyebrows for his outstanding performance.

Dorsey checked in at 6-1 ¾, 297 pounds and posted a 5.14 (40) and pumped out 27 reps on the bench (225lbs.). What I was more impressed with was his time in the 3-Cone Drill where he timed in at 7.47 seconds.

The coaches worked Dorsey out extensively in the individual position drills and the main coach dealing with the All-American was former Ole Miss head coach Ed Orgeron.

Dorsey definitely had more eyes on him during the individual drills since scouts had to decide who to watch as all of the players were going at the same time on different parts of the field. But, there was no question who garnered the most attention.

I thought Dorsey showed exceptional quickness throughout the drills and it was easy to see he left everything on the field as he was completely gassed at the end.

Some of the drills that were conducted had Orgeron line up three yards off the ball and Dorsey had to touch him then beat Orgeron back to the line of scrimmage.

They also worked him on rushing the quarterback and then having to turn and chase down a ghost runner on a screen.

Another drill pitted Dorsey against the defensive backs where they would race. The defensive back would line up two yards off the ball and they would race Dorsey five to seven yards while they were in their back pedal.

The final drill for the big man had him in a circle with a coach where they worked on some slap drills where Dorsey had to use his hands to knock the coach's hands off and then some where he had to try and slap the coach's hands as he went at him from all angles.

The St. Louis Rams played particularly close attention to Dorsey while he was working out and on more than one occasion Jim Haslett turned to the other two scouts and his facial expression told the story. I could read Haslett's lips but the words can not be printed but they were something to the effect of "Did you see that" with some choice words tossed in!

The other two linemen that worked out with Dorsey were Carnell Stewart and Will Arnold.

Stewart drew some praise for his footwork while the scouts were on Arnold for his.

Two players that I think helped their stock with good showings were Ali Highsmith and Matt Flynn.

Highsmith had some questioning his speed after he ran a 4.9 (40) at the NFL Combine but he ran a 4.65 (40) today. You may see that his best time was a 4.74 but I was standing by the laser when he ran a 4.65 and there were plenty of good comments coming from the bleachers about that time.

Flynn really threw the ball well and threw it better than I have ever seen him chunk it over the last five years.

His passes were on the money and he threw a tight spiral with good velocity to all parts of the field.

Some of the passes I saw him throw included fades from the 15 yard line to the corner of the end zone; Go routes where he put the ball on the inside shoulder where it was intended to be placed; Swing passes out of the backfield; and several more.

He threw some real pretty passes on some seam routes where the backs were coming out of the backfield and the tight ends were coming off the line. He also threw some nice corner routes and his 15 yard out passes was sharp and getting to the receiver quickly.

We will have much more on Pro Day over the course of the next couple of days but be sure and check out all of the results provided by the LSU Sports Information Department and

Pro Day Results

More Notes from Pro Day:

Some of the coaches in attendance included Jim Haslett (St. Louis Rams), Herman Edwards (Kansas City Chiefs), Mike Tomlin (Pittsburgh Steelers), Ed Orgeron (New Orleans Saints), and Todd Monken (Jacksonville Jaguars).

Dwayne Bowe was also in attendance and that guy is a physical specimen.

Several former Tigers also participated in the events in Steven Korte, Alley Broussard, Daniel Francis and Peter Dyakowski.

Steven Korte posted the fastest 40-time of the day with a 4.39.

Alley Broussard was trim and looked to be in the best shape in several years as he checked in at 6-0, 235 pounds.

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