Davenport Visits LSU

The No. 1 ranked player on the defensive side of the ball in Louisiana is Chris Davenport and he just returned from an unofficial visit that also included a very special guest.

Chris Davenport


“Me and my dad went down to LSU on Wednesday,” Davenport said. “It was his first time down there and he enjoyed it, especially the academic center. He liked that a lot. It blew his mind about that and all he could say was that was one big building.


“He liked the coaches and the ladies that showed us around too. He just liked everything about LSU and he sees why my heart is at LSU.”


Davenport said they left Baton Rouge after they talked to the coaches after practice and on the way home he and his father talked a lot about their time in Baton Rouge.


“He was just telling me how much he enjoyed the visit down there and he sees why I like LSU,” said Davenport. “He gave it his stamp of approval.”


One thing that Chris has been raised on is that he has to be a well-rounded person off the field and there is more to life than just football.


That was something that Les Miles also talked about on the trip.


“My dad and coach Miles kind of have the same opinion about me as far as education and religious standpoints,” Chris said. “The coaches showed a lot of hospitality and made him realize that football is not their only focus and that they care about me as a person.”


Chris’ mother has never been down to LSU or to any of the other schools that he is looking at. He had hoped to bring her down for the spring game on April 5th but he said that isn’t going to happen.


“She won’t be able to make it for the spring game but we’re going to probably get her down pretty soon,” he said.


Next up for the nation’s 2nd ranked defensive tackle is the May Evaluation Period and it’s a safe bet that his scholarship offer total will grow past 17 which he is currently sitting on.


Is there a chance that Chris could make a decision anytime soon and if not then what other schools have caught his eye?


“It’s going to be during my season (commitment) because I just want to take a little more time to see what other schools have to offer,” he said. “I want to keep looking at some of these other schools just to see what they have like USC, Georgia, Florida, Ole Miss, Stanford, Florida State and maybe some others.”


All along, Chris has said that LSU was the team to beat so after this latest visit is there any question that the Tigers are still at the top?


“No question,” he said. “It’s LSU.”


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