Tigers Scrimmage On Saturday

The LSU Tigers went through their final scrimmage of the spring this morning before the conclusion of spring practice at next Saturday's spring game.

Overall, Les Miles seemed relatively pleased with the performance of his team in the scrimmage, which consisted of over 100 plays.


“We had some 1’s on 1’s, and anytime you have 1’s on 1’s you get to see how we’re really progressing,” said the Tigers’ headman. “It was good work. Certainly it was a teaching practice, although it was a lot of live scrimmage. It was one that we got a lot accomplished and saw some things we’ll be able to improve on once we get to Monday.”


There were a few things Coach Miles was not pleased with but those things can be corrected with a little more time on the field and in the film room.


“It was sloppy,” he said. “We had a fumbled snap with the 3rd team. Our young quarterbacks don’t necessarily know what to do with the ball when it’s covered, but that’s an age thing and something we’ll address. They certainly won’t be young by the time we get to the fall.”


“Both Hatch and Lee completed 10 passes for about 100 yards. Both performed well, they just need to make more mature decisions with the ball.”


While the quarterback-play left room for improvement, Coach Miles was very pleased with the running game, which rushed for over 200 yards on the day.


Richard Murphy I thought had a really strong day,” he said. “He ran against first team defense a lot and had some really nice runs. He only accounted for about 30 yards but they were hard earned and quality carries. Keiland Williams was our leading ground gainer with 63 yards on 9 attempts. And Charles Scott had 30 yards on 7 attempts.”


Miles also single out a few receivers for their performance in the scrimmage.


Ricky Dixon made a couple nice plays,” he added. “I really enjoyed his contribution today. Toliver made a nice catch and ran a reverse. Byrd ran a reverse. I thought they had a quality scrimmage.”


The Tigers also got some extensive work on special teams, especially the return game and kickoffs.


“We returned kicks, kickoffs, and kicked as well,” he said. “We had Chad Jones, Ron Brooks, and John Williams return punts. Keiland Williams, Chad Jones, and Brandon LaFell returned kickoffs.”


“They (the kickoffs) looked pretty good. We probably had eight kickoffs, five were inside the 5 yard line, and one at the goal line. So that’s pretty representative, and I feel the hang times were quality, so that’s not bad for this time. I think our kickers will improve as we get into the fall and through the summer as well. Josh Jasper, Andrew Crutchfield, Colt David, and Drew Alleman all kicked.”


Fortunately, it looks like the Tigers were able to get through practice with only one injury, and it’s not too serious according to Miles.


“Charles Scott got a little nicked in the ankle, but it’s nothing serious, we hope. We expect to have him back.”


Kirtson Pittman, Charles Alexander, Jacob Cutrera, and Perry Riley did not participate in the scrimmage.


A lot of emphasis has been placed on the quarterbacks this spring since Matt Flynn has moved on and his heir apparent, Ryan Perrilloux, has missed all of the spring.


When asked if they had been holding back on Jarrett Lee and Andrew Hatch in the spring so as not to overwhelm them, Miles said it’s just the opposite.


“No, we’re letting it rip,” he said. “We’re giving them everything we can and teaching hard. It’s not dialed back until its closer to the game. The games will be easier than some of these practices I promise you. Right now we’re expecting them to do everything. By the time we get to the game, only the things we know they can do will we ask of them.”


Finally, Miles was asked if Perrilloux is still scheduled to return on Monday.


“Yes, as far as I know,” he replied.


That is something Tiger fans have been waiting to hear for some time now.

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