Dorsey is everybody's All-American

Glenn Dorsey has done everything he can possibly do to impress the minds of the NFL from playing through pain and overcoming adversity during his senior year to putting on a show during his public and private workouts leading up to the 2008 NFL Draft.

After a senior season where took home every individual honor and award imaginable, now the All-American defensive tackle has to deal with rumors about his health.


"I've heard everything under the sun from knee surgery to a fractured shin," Dorsey said. "I have no idea where the rumors are coming from. The most you can do is do what you do best and everything takes care of itself."


Since taking medical evaluations at the NFL Combine in February, Dorsey said he has received a steady flow of questions and examinations from NFL doctors.


"They kind of worked me at the Combine," he said. "I was in a doctor's office all day, but nothing serious was wrong with me. I think they blew it all out of proportion but I just took it in stride."


Dorsey laid everything out on the line again at LSU’s Pro Day last week where he ran a good 40 yard-dash of 5.1 seconds and benched 225 pounds 27 times.


All eyes were glued in on the big defensive tackle all day but he said the individual drills were the most strenuous.


"I knew they were going to work me,” Dorsey said. “I didn't work out at the Combine and didn't go to the Senior Bowl, so I knew they wanted to see what I had."


Going into pro day, Dorsey dropped his regular weight of 301 pounds down to 297.


He commented on working with a little less weight and how it impacted his day.


"Oh I slimmed up for y'all," he said jokingly. "I wanted to make sure I was moving smooth and had my weight down. I haven't been this light since my sophomore year. I feel like I move well.”


With less than a month to go until the draft, Dorsey will not have to listen to all of the draft reports and conjecture coming from those about where he should be drafted.


In the past few weeks, the Gonzales native has been pegged to go anywhere from No. 1 overall to the middle of the first round.


Sometimes guys will have their heart and soul on playing for a certain team but Dorsey just wants the opportunity to play.


“It doesn’t matter,” he said. “Whoever picks me is going to get my heart and soul, and I’ll just enjoy wherever I’m at.”

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