Q&A with Jack Hunt

LSU free safety Jack Hunt takes questions from the media about his possible move to a starting position and the upcoming game with Kentucky.

Q: Do you feel comfortable back at free safety with the responsibility of calling the plays?

A: From the off-week until now, I've gotten ten times more confident. I don't know it is, but I'm playing more aggressively, more confidently. It's just building every day, going real good.


Q: Is it harder to play free safety from a physical standpoint or tougher mentally because of all the responsibilities?

A: More mentally, because you've got to know everything. You've really got to know both positions (safety, corner) because all it takes is a motion and basically you're playing the other one. I'd say more the mental stuff.


Q: Let's give you a test. I'm the boundary corner and you're the free safety. The offense is regular with a receiver split to each side and a tight end on the field side. We break the huddle. What are you calling?

A: It just depends. On any certain play, there could be three calls that I could make just to my side (for the) corner. It depends on what the play is.


Q: Do you think the other players now have confidence in you at free safety?

A: I think their confidence is growing in me, like I said, just from last week to this week.


Q: When Damien James got hurt in fall camp and you filled in, Norman LeJeune said you were like having Damien in there.

A: I'm glad they have that confidence in me. I think earlier in the year I didn't know near as much as I know now, and the game experience helps a lot too. I'm feeling a lot more comfortable back there.


Q: Are you doing any type of Physics homework that might help you bring down Jared Lorenzen on a safety blitz?

A: I've got a Physics test Thursday.


Q: You and your teammates had a hard time bringing down Ben Roethlisberger of Miami-Ohio. Lorenzen is even bigger.

A: Just hit him chest to chest and hold on to his left arm – that's what I plan on doing if I get to him. …I've been blitzing a lot…I'd like to have another sack. That's always good. I don't know if I could take him down one-on-one though because he's a big guy.


Q: Coach Saban has said, I guess just trying to put a finger on what happened at Auburn, game conditions, time of day…might have had something to do with the loss. Is there a desire to put those things behind you since you play Kentucky at the same time and the conditions might be the same?

A: I think it (Auburn) was just a flat game. We had bad field position the whole game, and turnovers killed us. The conditions don't have anything to do with it. I don't think the time has anything to do with it. I think it was just a bad game, and we're moving on.


Q: You've said that moving to the secondary from wide receiver was fine with you because you just wanted to get on the field and play.

A: I'm getting my chance now. I'm going to take advantage of it. I kind of wanted to (play free safety) against Auburn, but they wanted to try Blue (Randall Gay) there. I understand - they want to get the best players on the field. But this is my chance and I just have to make it happen.


Q: Adrian Mayes is expected to give you help at free safety. What are some of the things he brings to the position?

A: We both bring different things to the table, and if you looked at us it would be pretty obvious. Adrian is huge, 220 (pounds) and can run like a deer. He's real physical and an aggressive tackler. I bring more of the ability to make all the calls and help everybody out on the field. (Adrian) knows his position but he can't help everybody out on the field as well.


Q: Some people might look at the word "or" on the depth chart and say that the coaches can't decide between you or Adrian. Is that maybe a good thing that the competition is still there between the two of you?

A: I think so because every day at practice we still have to go out there and prove ourselves. Really last week, in the off-week, we did a lot of fundamentals at practice, going back to basics. That helped us really work hard at the fundament

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