Q&A with Rob Sale

LSU's starting right guard discusses the upcoming Kentucky game.

Q: What's been the main goal of the offensive line during the open week and preparing for Kentucky?

A: We kinda got stopped (against Auburn), so our goal for last week was to get back to the little things, taking the right steps, getting a hat on a hat. It's unusual for us to make the mental errors we made against Auburn, so basically we've been gtting back to the small things…so we can be successful: staying square, taking the right steps, just doing the right things.


Q: You've been really visible in the running game. You're making a good surge off the line, and you're being pulled a lot. Do you see yourself as having improved a lot over the past couple of years?

A: We're just doing the same things we did last year – the T-play, a power play where the guard pulls. We're not doing any more than we did last year. We're just doing the same thing.


Q: A lot of talk about Kentucky focuses on its offense, led by Jared Lorenzen, but not a lot of people talk about their defense. Do you see a better defense on film compared to the Kentucky teams you've played in the past?

A: I'm not really comparing them to the teams of old, but they try to just keep in the game because...they can score points on special teams, and they have the high-powered offense. They're just trying to play solid defense and get off the field so the offense can come in. They don't try to do any trickery, blitzing-wise to where they try to confuse the offensive lineman. We should be able to get a hat-on-hat this week.


Q: Marcus Randall talked about how he knew the team's eyes would be on him last week when you returned to practice. Were you guys taking a look to see how he would bounce back with confidence?

A: Yeah, but after 24 hours are up you have to get over it. There's no reason to bring it back up on the field in practice. …He just went back to the little things during the off-week, the things that made him successful against South Carolina. There's no reason to bring all that (bad) stuff into the open date, so he did a good job of getting better. He did a real good job on 7-on-7, throwing crisp passes and throwing the deep ball real well, in the open week, and he's been real positive this week. We can encourage him, help with a good running game and protect him in the pass.


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