Back on Sunday

LSU fans have been waiting all spring for the return of Ryan Perrilloux and they thought that day was going to come on Monday. However, instead of learning that the red shirt sophomore quarterback was back at practice on Monday reports surfaced of an incident involving Perrilloux at a local restaurant.

Tiger fans have waited all week to hear what Les Miles had to say about Perrilloux and his status on the team and on Thursday the Tigers’ headman addressed that after practice.


“The things that Ryan is doing better in are his academic responsibilities,” Miles said. “He took a test today that he needed to make up and really he is making a lot of progress but to bring him back with a couple of practices is probably unfair to him and certainly unfair to the guys who have been competing for the position all along. So, we’re going to leave Ryan on the sideline and let him watch this one then he’ll have full membership starting Sunday.”


As for the incident that occurred at the restaurant, Miles said he has looked into it and he feels that Perrilloux has already paid a price for his actions.


“I have a great feel for what went on,” he said. “It was represented to me pretty honestly, I would think. To me, he’s serving a pretty serious punishment with the public scrutiny and with not being with this team. I certainly don’t think it helped to get him back reinstated with any urgency.”


In other news of interest, Shomari Clemons was issued a misdemeanor summons early Sunday for shoving a police officer and disturbing the peace according to Baton Rouge police.


Clemons hasn’t practiced with the team all week and will miss the spring game but Miles was not ready to comment on any actions that he may take with the red shirt freshman linebacker.


“We’re going to let the investigation take its course and do due diligence and more information will be forthcoming a little later,” Miles said.

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