Washington is torn

Kendrick Washington has even more to think about after his weekend visit to LSU. The Huntington High School defensive end (6-6, 268) has all the makings of a fearsome defensive end, but is also considering a college basketball career.

“I had a great time,” Washington said. “And it just makes the decision even harder.”

Washington said some current and former Tigers shared their experiences of making the same decision while he was on his visit and he hopes their advice will assist him along the way.

“I got to talk to Glen Dorsey and Demtrius Byrd. Tyson Jackson was telling me about how he played basketball, baseball, and football in high school. And Early Doucet told me he was a basketball player, but all that changed once he got to LSU.”

Washington got to talk to the coaching staff about a football scholarship, but there was no talk of basketball as it was a football visit.

“The coaches just gave me all the details about the program and all of the players it has sent to the NFL,” he said. “They said I’d have a full football scholarship if I went to LSU, but there weren’t any basketball coaches there. I don’t know what I’m going to do.”

What impressed him the most about LSU?

“Just seeing the good relationships everywhere,” he said. “The players have a good relationship with the coaches, and the program has good standing with the faculty. They showed me the Cox Building and that was great. [LSU] has a lot of computer labs and if you miss a class you can get caught up with your professor and get the notes or the power points online. That was really cool. The people are really nice and it seems like everyone is there to help the players any way they can.”

Note: Washington said he will have to think about his future and see what happens but basketball will play a big part in his decision.

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