Same leader for Pryor

Lonnie Pryor is one of the most sought-after talents in Florida's 2009 class and the Okeechobee tailback came back from the LSU Spring Game impressed with what the bayou has to offer.

Lonnie Pryor

Pryor and his cousin flew to Shreveport, then drove to Baton Rouge on Thursday, spending four days with the Tigers before heading home.

“It was a great visit,” Pryor said. “I’d say LSU is probably my number two school after this weekend.”

What was it about the visit that impressed him?

“The coaches are great there, I got to talk to the running backs coach and coach Miles,” said the nation’s 13th ranked back. “All the coaches were just really nice and treated me like I was already there. I got to go up on Thursday, and I got to see how they practice.  I hung out with Charles Scott a lot. He told me what it’s like to play for LSU, and he’s a nice guy.”

Pryor also had glowing reviews of the campus and atmosphere in Baton Rouge.

“The stadium is humongous,” he laughed. “I got to see all the fans and the campus is cool.”

If the Tigers hold the second spot, are the Seminoles still number one?

“Yeah FSU is first,” he said. “I’ve taken a look at FSU, UF (Florida), and South Florida. Florida State is still number one, but LSU was really impressive, and I’m not worried about going out of state.”

When asked about the differences between Florida State and LSU, Pryor brought up academics.

“The academic facilities at LSU are the best I’ve ever seen,” he said. “I haven’t seen so much of that at FSU. The thing with FSU is I grew up wanting to go there and have liked them since I was a kid so that’s the big difference right now.”

Note: Pryor carried the ball 216 times for 1,724 yards and 20 touchdowns as a junior.

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