Q&A with Randall Gay

Cornerback Randall Gay discusses the upcoming game with Kentucky and comments on the changes in the LSU secondary.

Q: You had a weekend at free safety and now you're back at cornerback. Would you consider your experience at Auburn an educational one?

A: Yeah, it was a learning experience to be out there making all the calls and looking at the defense from a whole different perspective. I've been playing safety all year, but I usually have somebody else making one side of the calls and somebody else making the other side's calls. When we're in regular (like for most of the Auburn game), both safeties are looking at the whole field and making the calls. That was different for me…It helped me but I'm glad I'm back at corner


Q: What are things like in the secondary with Jack Hunt at free safety? It seems like he has a firm grasp on what's going on.

A: He's learning the defense well. …He's teaching me a lot back there at safety, so I'm glad he's out there learning a lot and performing.


Q: With the players you have, it seems everyone is at their best position going into the Kentucky game after piecing things together at Auburn.

A: In the Auburn game, it was so short of notice that we weren't going to have DJ (Damien James). Coach (Saban) was just trying to mix things around to see what we could do. But with this off-week, we experimented with some things and I think right now we have out best 5 or 6 people back there who are going to do a good job.


Q: There may be a lot of 5 and 6 guys back there this week.

A: (Laughs). Coach was talking today about it. We play so many DBs, the depth gets shorter and shorter. Other teams use just four DBs, but we use six and seven maybe sometimes. If one person gets hurt, we get thin quick. But we're doing a good job.


Q: Norman LeJeune said you're a cover guy and not so much a physical guy. Corner's where you need to be. As you said, maybe everyone's back where they need to be.

A: Before this year, I never made any tackles. I was a cornerback. In high school, I never played defense. You can ask anybody in Brusly. Every time I go home, they're like, "I would have never thought you'd be playing on defense. You never tackled anybody." (Laughs).

But you've got to do what you've got to do, and I'm glad I'm back at corner. I like covering people. It's different covering from safety and covering from corner. You know, corner is more of a challenge. Most of the time it's you and just that man (receiver), one-on-one to see who's best.


Q: If there was a week you don't want to be a safety who has to come up and make a tackle it's this week with Kentucky's big quarterback, right?

A: (Laugh) Yeah, because my luck with those quarterbacks hasn't been too good the last couple of weeks. Against Florida, I missed Grossman and last week I missed everybody. I think I'm glad I'm out of that, but if I have to make that tackle I'm going to make it next time.


Q: Norman said if he comes your way, just hold on and wait for somebody to show up.

A: At least this week, I'm not the only person who's going to have to hold on and wait for somebody. That's a big boy. I think maybe even our D-linemen are going to have to wait and hold on.


Q: We joke a lot about Kentucky's quarterback, but he's obviously got to have some pretty good targets to throw to. What have you seen that leads you to respect their wide receivers?

A: Their receivers, we've played against them. They were there last year, and when their quarterback (Lorenzen) came in last year the whole game changed around. Basically, we're playing against the team we played in the second half last year. They did a real good job against us, so we have to be prepared.

(Derek) Abney is one of the best players in the nation because he can return. We were watching film, and he can just make plays on special teams or offense. We have to be ready for him.

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