Haulstead's waiting

The Sunshine State is never short on blue-chip receivers and one of Central Florida's finest for 2009 is Titusville's Willie Haulstead.

Willie Haulstead


Haulstead is a big 6-4, 215-pounder and those who have seen him in person say that he looks a lot faster than the 4.6 (40) he reports.


On the recruiting front, Haulstead estimates that he has 10 offers but he feels that total could climb to 14 in the near future.


“I have an offer from Florida State, Auburn, USF, UCF, Boston College, FIU, South Carolina, and there are a few more too,” he said. “I’m getting some pretty strong interest from LSU, Florida, Miami and Georgia too. I think they will all be offering soon.”


LSU has recently gotten involved in recruiting the big, physical wide out and Haulstead said he is getting good vibes from the Tigers.


“Coach Mac (D.J. McCarthy) told me two weeks ago that I should be getting an offer from them pretty soon like when they come watch my spring practices,” he said. “He said they like how I’m big and I’m real physical at going after the ball. He likes my aggressiveness and says they don’t see many receivers like that and he also likes my speed.”


Haulstead admits that he doesn’t know a lot about what LSU has to offer as far as the school goes but he likes what he sees on the field.


“They’re a high-powered balanced team that throws when it is time to throw and runs when it is time to run,” he said. “I think I’d be a good fit with them because they use their receivers to create mismatches and my size creates a lot of mismatches with corners.”


While most of the schools recruiting Haulstead are located in the state of Florida or somewhere in the Southeast it just so happens that the school that has caught his eye the most is up in the Northeast.  


“That would be Boston College,” he said. “They spread the ball around a lot and are a passing school. It’s far from home but distance isn’t a factor with me.”


While Boston College may be the one that has piqued his interest the most there are three other schools that he would throw up there next to the Eagles if they offer.


“That would be LSU, Florida and Georgia,” he said. “If they would offer then they would be right up there with Boston College.”


Georgia—“It’s right there close to home and it’s a good football program.”


Florida—“It’s even closer to home and they spread the ball around a lot. They use their receivers to do a lot of different things.”


LSU—“It’s farther from home but they have one of the winningest programs in college football. They do like Florida, too, in using there receivers to do a lot of different things.”

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