Joseph Okafor: 2010 Prospect Watch

The state of Texas has produced at least one of the top ten defensive ends in the country according to in just about every year it has ranked players going back to 2004. One of the players looking to continue that trend in the 2010 class is Joseph Okafor from Bellaire High School in Houston.

At 6’6 and 235 pounds, Okafor’s size alone would likely have college coaches beating his door down next season. But there is more to him than just size.


“I have good speed and quickness off the ball, and I’m good at pass rushing,” Okafor said. “My favorite players growing up have been Mario Williams, Dwight Freeney, and Jevon Kearse, and I try to model my game after them. They are all great pass rushers with good speed coming off the end. I realize I need to get stronger and play against the run better though.”



Though Okafor may not be afraid to acknowledge his weaknesses, many college coaches thus far have chosen to focus more on his strengths as he has received mail from Texas, Texas A&M, Oklahoma, LSU, and UCLA.


And while it’s still extremely early in the process, he already has a list of schools he likes above the others.


“My top schools right now would be Texas, Texas A&M, Oklahoma, LSU, Michigan, and Florida,” said Okafor. “I like the types of defense all of those schools play.”


What has grabbed his attention with LSU?


“I just like the school, they produce a lot of good players,” he said. “I watched them on TV a lot last year. It would be a dream to play for LSU. I followed them and Texas the most when I was growing up.”


With his sophomore year now fully behind him, Okafor is planning a busy schedule for the upcoming summer.


“I’m going to visit Texas A&M,” he said. “I’m also going to camps at Texas, LSU, and Oklahoma. I’m hoping to visit A&M, Texas, and LSU for games this fall.”

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