Galloway hears from LSU

When LSU made its run to the Final Four two years ago there were five players from the Baton Rouge area that played a key role in the Tigers' success. To get back to the promise land Trent Johnson is looking to keep the area's top talent close to home and 2010 guard Langston Galloway is one that he has in his crosshairs.

Galloway, a 6-2, 170-pounder who plays the 1 and 2 for the Crusaders, was a Class 1A All-State selection after he averaged 21.3 points, 6.4 rebounds and 3.1 assists per game as a sophomore.


He is very quick off the dribble and can score by taking the ball to the basket or pulling up and knocking down the jumper.


Galloway has put in a lot of work over the years by playing ball year-round and he attributes much of his success to that.


However, he also got a little help along the way from good ole’ dad.


“If we talk about not only his athleticism then he has a dad who has taught him some old school stuff,” said Langston’s father, Larry Galloway with a big laugh. “I played ball at Virginia State University and I work with him a lot.


“But, Langston has worked really well with his fundamentals and most importantly he is coachable and he wants to learn. There are days where he will go out and shoot two or three hundred free throws and if he misses one or two then he starts over again. When you put a kid on the floor that is really fundamentally sound and that can shoot like he does then you get a Langston Galloway.”


Galloway had spent the summer playing for H.P. Elite out of New Orleans but he recently made the move over to Louisiana Select which is a 17 and under squad featuring guys like Kendrick Washington, Eddie Ludwig, and Kourtney Roberson.


Louisiana Select will be heading up to the Peach Jam AAU Tournament next week and college coaches from all over the country will be there scouting the stars of tomorrow.


One set of coaches that will surely be up in St. Louis for the Peach Jam tourney are those from LSU but Galloway is already fully aware of the high level of interest coming from the Tigers.


“LSU was the first school to call me and that was on the first day coaches could call,” said Galloway, who is also receiving interest from Indiana, Cincinnati, Marquette, Purdue, Tennessee, Florida, Oklahoma and Baylor. “Then I got calls throughout the day from the rest of the schools.”


Galloway said that he wasn’t sitting around waiting on coaches to call when all of a sudden his phone rang and his Caller I.D. showed that it was a local number.


“To have coach Trent Johnson call like that was a big honor for me because I always watched LSU on T.V. and went to most of their games,” said Galloway. “It really put me in awe because I wasn’t expecting a call that morning. Then all of a sudden the phone rang and coach Johnson was just saying how they were starting the recruiting process and he wanted to make sure he was the first to call me.”


Galloway followed the Tigers all throughout the John Brady era and the little that he knows about Johnson and his staff makes him think that better days lay ahead for LSU basketball.


“I think it’s going to be a better program now,” said Galloway. “Under coach Brady it was a little on and off at points but I think it’s going to change a lot with coach Johnson. He’s a great coach and he also knows how to talk to you like he’s your friend. He’s a very personable coach and I’m excited about him and coach (Donny) Guerinoni.”


Being from the Baton Rouge area, Galloway knows quite a bit about the LSU program and one thing in particular sticks out in his mind.


“They’ve gotten a lot of players from Baton Rouge and they’ve always looked to keep the players in town at LSU,” he said. “They had some real stars come out of there like Pete Maravich, Shaq (O’Neal), Glen Davis, and on down the line.”


Maybe one day Tiger fans will be talking about Langston Galloway in that manner.

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