Q&A with Chad Lavalais

Defensive tackle Chad Lavalais met with reporters following LSU's 31-0 loss to Alabama and offered insight on why the Tigers had such a tough time stopping the Crimson Tide running game.

Q: You all were holding them in the first half and then it seemed like they wore you down. Is that what happened?

A: It was just one particular play they kept killing us on. We worked hard on it all week – at least I thought we did. It just killed in the first half. They just ran the same play over. They killed us right before halftime with the same play. The second half, when they needed a big third-and-long, they ran the same play and they killed us.

Q: Was there a point that you knew it was coming?

A: Yeah, we knew it was coming. We just… It was a draw play they kept killing us on. We worked hard on the option (in practice) and I thought we did a pretty good job as far as playing the option in this game, but they killed us with the draw play in this game. I give them all the credit. They came out there with a game plan and beat us.

They beat us up front, beat us in every aspect of the game – on defense and on offense. I give them all the credit and wish them the best of luck the rest of the season.

Q: Why couldn't you guys stop it, even when you knew it was coming?

A: It's just this weird play where all the (offensive) linemen turn one way, and all you can do is just press on the linemen that are in front of you.

The back just picks a hole. He doesn't have a specific hole he's going to hit. He just picks a hole – he can bounce inside or outside – and he just kept killing us on it. Like I said, I thought we worked hard on it the whole week but they kept killing us with it the whole night.

Q: They didn't really start using it until that last drive of the first half.

A: Yeah. Their bread and butter is the option. We worked hard on that all week, but right before halftime they just killed us with that play. In the second half, they just used that play and killed us. They just beat us up front with it.

Right before half, they had like 90 yards just on that particular play. They kept running it. In the second half, I really couldn't tell you how many yards they had…

Q: How much do your injuries have to do with other offensive lines beating you?

A: I don't know. At this point in the season, everybody's a little banged up. I have a bad knee right now. You just have to suck it up and just play.

Q: Did it hurt you out there tonight?

A: It kind of bothers me when it gets cold and my knee tightens up. I'm not going to blame my knee. They just beat us, beat us physically. Like I said, everybody at this point in the season is banged up – college and pro ball. You just have to suck it up and just play.

Q: Alabama just beating you, does that surprise you? They're a good football team but I guess you have some pride in the talent you guys have.

A: I'm a little surprised. I didn't think they were one of those teams that would just manhandle us. They beat us. I give it to them… I'm a little surprised we didn't play as good as I thought we should've played. They played hard and the better team won tonight.

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