Q&A with Marcus Randall

LSU's starting quarterback discussed his performance against Alabama with reporters after the game.

Q: What Alabama doing something particular to stop your offense or was it just one of those bad days a quarterback has?

A: I think it was just one of those games. We came out the first drive and moved the ball down there. We got to a third-and-short and we couldn't convert. Penalties backed us up so we had to change plays up. We just weren't on today as an offense.

Q: What did coach Saban tell you when he put Rick Clausen in the game?

A: He just told me that he was going to sit me down for a little while, to stay in the game. He was going to bring Clausen in to see if we could get a little change-up, and that's basically what he did.

Q: How's your confidence right now?

A: Confidence-wise, I know I'm real confident because our offense is a good offense. We're not clicking right now. We're not putting up points; you can't win if you're not putting up points. Confidence-wise, I'm still very confident.

Q: Rodney Reed mentioned that the offense's problems are not all the quarterback's fault, but as the quarterback do you feel like you're shouldering a lot of the responsibility?

A: I take most of the responsibility because I'm the leader out there. I feel like I'm supposed to leading these guys in the right direction. But we just didn't have it going today.

Q: On the fumble after the fake punt by Bradie James, did somebody knock the ball out of your hands?

A: I broke with (the ball) and tucked it. One guy was grabbing for it while the other one was tackling me. The second guy was pulling me down and it just popped out.

Q: Are teams doing anything differently to take the run away from you the last three games?

A: Teams know us a running team so they're stacking the box. That's why we're having to use our wideouts, one-on-one, and try to let them make plays. Basically, that's what the teams are doing to us now, and we just haven't been making the plays.

Q: Talk about the problems with the cadence and the motion penalties.

A: Ben (Wilkerson, center), on the cadence, he's just telling me…I guess instead of trying to make points (reads), I was calling the cadence and we just got confused. …The penalties killed us.

Q: Last week it may have been hard to follow the 24-hour rule. It should be easier this week to forget about this game and go get ready for Ole Miss.

A: Right, because we still control our own destiny. We win the next two and we're still right where we want to be. The 24-hour rule is the 24-hour rule. Monday, we're going to come in and we're going to be focusing on Ole Miss.

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