James lone bright spot for LSU

The total of 15 tackles for LSU senior linebacker Bradie James against Alabama really doesn't turn many heads. His performance was overlooked in the Tigers' 31-0 defeat, but it makes one wonder how he was not among named as one of the three finalists for the Butkus Award last week.

James reached that game-high mark before leaving the game in the fourth quarter to give backup Jason LeDoux some playing time. Before his exit, he recorded the Tigers' longest gain of the night when he took the snap on a fake punt in the third quarter and ran 29 yards for an LSU first down.

Reporters met with James after the game to discuss the loss to the Crimson Tide.

Q: Your thoughts on the game tonight.

A: Alabama played awesome. I credit their team because they came out and played real well. For them to come in on the road and do what they did to us, my hat is off to them.

All we can do is just learn from this. We still got that 24-hour rule – whether you win or lose you still got it. We still got things to play for. It's a two-game season now. We've got to get the experience on the team to just find a way to win. That's the biggest thing.

What we take from this game is: the season is not over. We've got to execute together as a team. We still control our own destiny. We just got to go out, find a way to win and we'll be ok.

Q: Did anything about this game surprise you?

A: I think the thing that really surprised us about this game was the draw – the play that they were killing us with. But you know, you play and you learn. I'm sure we're going to have to make some adjustments about that. We'll be all right because we get coached up just like everybody else in the SEC.

The biggest thing is you can't win all of them and you can't get down. What we have (As our goal) is attainable. We can still attain our goal, and that's getting back to Atlanta. But we've got to take it one game at a time. The way we do that is to start all over Monday. I'm glad we still have games to play so we can go out there and prove ourselves.

Q: What surprised you about the draw plays – how well they ran it or that it kept coming?

A: They executed it to perfection. I don't know, we just couldn't stop it.

Q: The momentum changed in the third quarter with the fake punt. Talk about that and the fumble right after it seemed to deflate things.

A: Sometimes you've just got to find…as a defense, we try to get turnovers. We ran the fake punt; it's just like a turnover. We got the ball deep into their territory, and the momentum seemed to shift. But then we got the fumble. That like depicts what happened to us all night.

Like I said, you can't win all of them. But we still got something to play for and what we have is attainable. We just got to go get it.

We can't get too down. We have to find a way to win and that's just it. Right now, we just have to learn from our mistakes and get together and learn how to execute a little bit better and we'll be okay.

We just have to execute and play together as a team. I don't think we played together as a team tonight. We can't do anything but learn from this and we still control our own destiny. We still have ball to play. It's a two game season and all we can do is go out and take one game at a time.

We've been working on that fake punt for a while. I had to talk coach into calling it, but I finally got some rushing yards.

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