Robinson Could be One of the Nation's Best

Every year you can count on the state of Florida to produce some of the top prospects in the country, especially in the defensive backfield. The top DB prospect in the sunshine state for 2010 heading into this summer is arguably Marvin Robinson from Lake Region High School in Orlando.

Robinson began making a name for himself after playing both ways for Lake Region last fall.

He logged 65 tackles, four interceptions, and forced two fumbles from his safety spot and picked up 475 yards running the ball.

College coaches from across the country took notice of Robinson's standout performances on the field last fall and this past spring, and many of them were so impressed by his play that they decided to extend verbal offers.

"Coaches have been coming to school to see me practice," said Robinson, who stands 6'1 and 195 pounds. "Michigan, Ohio St, USC, and Tennessee have all verbally offered me. All of them are great colleges to play at. I'm also interested in Oregon, LSU and Georgia."

Robinson is also planning on making visits to a few of those teams this summer.

"I'm going to Tennessee, Ohio St, and Michigan in July," he said. "I'm also going out to California to see USC, but I don't know when yet."

The first thing most people will notice about the sunshine state prospect's list is the omission of Miami, Florida, and Florida State, but Robinson says he has a good reason for leaving the big three off for now.

"I'm not really interested in the Florida schools right now because I know I can get to know them later on," he said. "They are all so close I can learn about them whenever I want. So right now I'm more focused on learning about the out of state schools. I did forget to mention though that Florida has verbally offered me also."

As for the defending national champion LSU Tigers, Robinson said he is anxiously awaiting to see what the Tigers have to offer.

"They are definitely a school I'm interested in, but right now I don't know too much about them because I haven't talked to them yet," Robinson said. "They always have one of the best defenses in the country and they seem to get some Florida guys every year. So, I'm definitely interested in them and will want to check them out when I get to that point."

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