Not ready to leave yet

Even though he is only going to be a junior this coming season, 2010 Texas product Lache Seastrunk is already regarded as one of the best running backs in the entire country. The electrifying prospect has been on the LSU campus for the last few days, and although camp ended he isn't ready to go home just yet.

Seastrunk (5-10, 185, 4.4) arrived in Baton Rouge for LSU’s camp on Monday evening after spending a few days in Florida at the Top Gun camp.


“Top Gun was a good camp,” he said. “I got to see a lot of top running backs. Chris Whaley is the real deal. Christine Michaels is real good, too. And Cierre Wood is just nasty. I talked to him the most. We got to joking around about each other a lot.”


While Seastrunk enjoyed himself at the camp in Orlando, it pales in comparison to his enjoyment of the LSU camp.


“Man I had a ball! I loved it out there,” Seastrunk exclaimed. “I’m from here, so I’m playing in front of my family and friends. I’ve had an outstanding time out here so far. I’m actually in Leesville right now visiting family. I’m going to go back to LSU tomorrow (Thursday) is over, but I want to go back and tell everyone bye.”


Seastrunk was only able to attend the camp for two days but that didn’t stop him from talking to many different prospects. He even discovered two new family members while he was there.


“Man, I found out Michael Ford is my first cousin,” he said. “And Trevon Reed (2010 WR prospect) is my cousin also. Trevon was amazing out there. He was jumping over guys making catches in Tigerball. That’s how you know when you have a special receiver. He’s amazing. He was at the camp the whole time and he loved it too. Toney Hurd was out there locking people up at cornerback. Knile Davis and Kurt Killens from Texas did real well too. Kurt is a big guy but he can cover anybody.”


“I called my friend Bryce Mcneal too,” Seastrunk continued. “He wasn’t at the camp but I wanted to call and tell him how great it was. He is from Minnesota and is committed to Michigan, but he got real excited about LSU when I was talking to him. He wants to talk to the coaches now, so I gave him Coach McCarthy’s number. I think he is really interested in LSU now.”


Seastrunk says he also stays in frequent contact with LSU 2009 commitment Russell Shepard.


“I call Russell all the time,” Seastrunk said. “I didn’t get to see him at the camp, but I talk to him all the time. He gives me advice on how to cope with things and deal with all the attention.”


While he spent plenty of time talking with other recruits at the camp, Seastrunk made sure to find the time to talk to the Tigers’ head man and offensive coordinator.


“Oh man, I had the chance to sit down and talk to Coach Miles and Coach Crowton!” Seastrunk exclaimed. “You can’t get any better than talking with the two masterminds of football! And the thing was, we didn’t even talk about football. It was strictly about academics and players graduating. I really liked that, and my mom loved it too. All the players I met today have either graduated already or are going to graduate.”



“I know what Coach Miles is about,” he continued. “He cares about his players. He would be there for me as a father. He pushes you to be the best you can be on and off the field.”


Speaking of players, Seastrunk had the opportunity to meet a few current LSU players.


“I met one of the running backs, but I can’t remember what his name was,” he said. “And I saw Trindon Holliday. He is redefining the running back position. I didn’t go meet him though. I was just too nervous. I did meet a lot of the other players today though and asked them a lot of questions. I asked them all why they came to LSU. They all just told me I would see later, and they were right. It’s a lot of different things really, but at LSU they all just work hard and work together. Some colleges have all the talent but they just don’t play together. LSU doesn’t have that problem.”


Another highlight of Seastrunk’s first experience on LSU’s campus was walking around and seeing all of the facilities LSU has to offer.


“The facilities are all just amazing,” he said. “The academic center especially is outstanding. My mom really loved that. They take care of you and show you your weak points. That’s what I’m looking for. They put you in a position to graduate. The indoor facility is literally amazing. And everything is all right next to or across the street from each other.”


Seastrunk was originally born in the Leesville area but moved away when he was still very young. However, that doesn’t mean he didn’t feel at home back in Louisiana.


“As soon as I walked in I felt so welcomed,” he said. “I love it here. I had fun at Texas, but this is my hometown. I love my Cajun food and spicy food.”


Even though he thoroughly enjoyed his time at LSU, Seastrunk still wants to make sure he goes through the recruiting process. But there is no denying who his leader is heading into his junior season.


“LSU has always been my favorite school,” Seastrunk said. “I’ve been to Texas and Texas A&M, and I love all my schools. But LSU is on top for a reason. I’m going to take my time though. I still want to visit other schools, and I’m not going to commit until after my senior season.”


Because he will only be a junior this coming season, Seastrunk is not able to take official visits yet. But that doesn’t mean he won’t be doing some traveling to catch a few games.


“I will be definitely going to see games at LSU and Texas,” Seastrunk said. “I’ll be going to some Texas A&M games too. Michael Goodson is my good friend, so I want to go watch him play some.”


Note: As a sophomore Seastrunk topped 1600 yards and 22 touchdowns earning District 13-5A newcomer of the year honors and leading Temple to a district championship.

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