A big success

LSU has been hot on the offensive line recruiting trail this season, and head coach Les Miles is not done quite yet. Still on the radar is the "X-Man," Xavier Su'a-Filo, the top lineman in the state of Utah and the nation's No. 7 offensive tackle prospect. X-Man spent the last six days in Baton Rouge and he took some time to talk about the trip with TSD.com.

After a west coast trip that included visits to Stanford, UCLA and USC, the Provo-native made it back down to Baton Rouge for the Tiger’s biggest camp weekend to date.


And, after stepping off his flight in Utah, Su’a-Filo , was all smiles.


“I had a great time down there,” he said. “I got in last Saturday with my father. The experience was cool, but nothing new to me. This is the third time I have been down to LSU so I have a good feel for it all now.


“This was the first time I have been down and been able to get out and about in Baton Rouge though. Me and Richard [Wilson] drove around some, and got lost a couple of times. I like what I saw off of campus though. And we ate plenty of great food, which is always good.”


Su’a-Filo did receive his first tour of the Cox Academic Center for Student Athletes, and like most, left impressed.


“I really liked my tour of the academic center,” he said. “They really watch out for you as a student at LSU, so you can’t get caught screwing around or anything.


“My dad says he wishes they would have had something like that when he went to college,” Su’a-Filo added with a laugh.


As for the camp experience, Su’a-Filo said he was impressed by the talent in attendance.


“I got to meet Mike Brockers,” he said. “I started going up against him at first and he was really, really good. Then I found out he was a Tiger-commit and all that. From then on out I just mainly went after him. He was really explosive and a cool guy.”


As for Tiger-commits, Su’a-Filo said that the camp gave him an opportunity to continue to build on current friendships.


“Obviously Russell [Shepard] was there,” said the 4-star tackle. “He is such an amazing athlete, and I got to see him on Saturday and Sunday while he was in town.


“I have known Chris Faulk for a while. We met at an LSU camp last year, and then became closer friends after camping together in San Antonio, where we were able to get away and hang out together some. He is a good friend for sure.”


How does Su’a-Filo feel he graded out at the camp?


“I feel like I did well,” he said. “Coach [Greg] Studarawa really likes my foot work. If I am trying to compete at that next level, I know I need to get a lot stronger. Most of it is upper body stuff, and then working on different techniques when I step out on the pass rush and what not. I know if I want to play with the best I have to get to that level.”


Part of “getting to that level” for the Provo-native is constantly working out to stay in shape, something he picked up some extra tips on while in town this past week.


“I got a chance to meet coach [Tommy] Moffitt,” Su’a-Filo said. “When you talk strength and conditioning, he is the best. He gave me the team’s workout schedule so that I can start to get a feel for things.


“He basically told me that if I came to LSU, I needed to be in shape,” Su’a-Filo added with a laugh. “It really is a no-brainer as to why [LSU] does so well. There athletes are simply in the best shape, strength and conditioning wise, that you can get.”


While the 1,700 miles between Provo and Baton Rouge may seem like too much for many prospects, Su’a-Filo is certain that his decision won’t face any restrictions as a result of distance.


“My parents want me to do what is best for me, to follow my dreams,” he said. “That is what I am doing. We have already talked about it and it is not going to be a problem for me to leave the state.”


Though a devout Mormon, Su’a-Filo has decided that passing up the traditional route of attending BYU is something that he feels comfortable moving beyond.


“The bottom line is that BYU, depth wise, is not the best fit for me right now,” he said. “I know that there are opportunities out there where I can still feel at home, but be in a better position depth wise.”


Of course, Su’a-Filo’s trip would not have been complete without a visit with head coach Les Miles.


“Coach Miles took me and my dad up in the stadium,” Su’a-Filo said. “We had a great view over Baton Rouge, and we just talked about everything that LSU had to offer. Coach walked me through a typical day as part of the team, and then just told me how much he would love to have me as a part of things at LSU. He is one of my favorite head coaches, and I have a lot of respect for him. He always makes sure that everyone is well taken care of when they come to Baton Rouge.”


As Su’a-Filo wraps things up for the summer by making his last visit, he looks forward to his senior season at Timpview High.


“We are looking to get the three-peat state championship,” Su’a-Filo said. “We start practice Monday, so I am just ready to make the transition to practice.”


As for the fall, the four-star is has a handful of visits planned, including a return trip to Baton Rouge.        


“We are coming back down for either the Georgia or Alabama game,” Su’a-Filo said. “I am going to probably take officials to Miami, USC and UCLA as well. I haven’t decided on my fifth visit yet.”

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