Day 6: Evening Practice Report

The LSU football team concluded its second day of full-team practice Saturday with its first full two-a-day as the squad went in a variation of shorts and shoulder pads.

Today was the first time the team practiced twice, so the coaches took it a little easier on the guys and the workout lasted a bit shorter than the morning session as they were supposed to go an hour and a half.


The media got less time (16 minutes) than usual today, so the first thing to focus on was injuries and green jerseys. Within a minute or two of getting inside the facility, we found that only the quarterbacks were in non-contact shirts, but there was still no sign of Charles Alexander or Brett Helms.


The D-line broke out tackling dummies and got to have a go at rushing the dummy from the blind side. Tyson Jackson and Ricky Jean-Francois were clothes-lining the dummy all the way to the ground with scary effortlessness.


It seemed like the coaches were trying to improve some things they may have seen on film from the morning. Coach Mallory had the secondary standing up tackles, while another back would strip the ball.


The defensive line did a little more work than we’re accustomed to seeing.


Coach Lane had the entire unit doing full-line drills, in which the guys would rush the quarterback after waiting for the snap.


As noted above, Alexander was absent, so it was Al Woods getting the first-team reps over Drake Nevis and Marlon Favorite. The other first teamers were Pittman, Jackson, and Jean-Francois. The second team was Rahim Alem, Drake Nevis, Marlon Favorite, and Tremaine Johnson.


Coach Peveto and the linebackers were doing some similar work. Darry Beckwith and Company were tackling ball carriers in the gaps, but then the focus shifted to swatting and intercepting passes over the middle and to the flat. Perry Riley had an impressive display, intercepting a short pass that looked about three steps out of his reach.


The secondary once again got together to work in some nickel and dime packages.


The first team did not do any reps while we were there, and I am not sure if that’s an indication that the starting four are locked up, or if the newbies just need some more work.


Patrick Peterson once again had Phelon Jones’ spot as Jai Eugene’s backup. Ron Brooks had the other corner, while Danny McCray and Chad Jones were at safety. Karnell Hatcher was getting looks as a potential contributor at nickel. With Hatcher and Peterson already getting looks, it’ll be interesting to see what freshmen are asked to contribute as two-a-days go on.


The quarterbacks and wide receivers did a lot of work running fade routes from the goal line and then some crossing routes.


When they broke into full units as we were leaving, as has been the case everyday, Hatch got the first rep with the 1’s while Lee went second. To his credit Jordan Jefferson was throwing some really pretty balls to the back corner.


Sonny has some video on these drills so be sure and check that out but you’ll find that things were not as crisp as the coaches would have liked.


That’s all for today as this was a bit more relaxed and shorter with the first day of two-a-days but practice revs up again on Monday with two sessions and will be there to cover it all.

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