Thursday Practice Report

LSU resumed practice following their Tuesday scrimmage and the team brought out a new look for Thursday, particularly the look of the often-analyzed quarterback situation. The team was dressed out in padded shorts, helmets, and shoulder pads and the media got to observe 15 minutes of action.

Although the drills were very similar, the team brought out a sense of urgency and an intensity that made it obvious that the season opener was nine days away. The coaches were getting in guys’ faces and rushing from drill to drill like there just wasn’t enough time.


In addition, the scout team broke out black jerseys with new numbers to simulate the players on ASU’s starting lineup. Everyone that wasn’t in the two-deep was wearing black along with a brand new number, which was exciting (although it made things difficult on yours truly).


A few players still failed to make an appearance, but for the most part the team was out and intact.


A few players still failed to make an appearance, but for the most part the team was out and intact. Charles Alexander and Jarrett Lee were still missing, and Kirston Pittman was not at practice. However, Darry Beckwith and Jacob Cutrera were out of the green shirts and into purple, and Brett Helms was back at practice.  Alex Russian was in green, as was Josh Dworaczyk.


Andrew Hatch and Jordan Jefferson began their day throwing buttonhooks and 10-yard outs to the receiving corps. Demetrius Byrd, Brandon LaFell, Terrence Toliver, Jared Mitchell, Chris Mitchell, Ricky Dixon, Jhyryn Taylor and Trindon Holliday stuck with the usual white, while Chris Tolliver, Deangelo Peterson, Tim Molton, and R.J. Jackson donned black.


Charles Scott and Keiland Williams started out in the backfield, with Scott resuming his role as fullback and laying a great hit on a rusher. Richard Murphy had his chance with Quinn Johnson as the fullback, and Scott got a few reps as the tailback.


The defense spent its day getting barked at by Coach Mallory.


With the scout team decked out in black, it seems we may finally be getting a look at who the starters will be on Aug. 30.


The guys worked out the usual full-defense pursuit drill, but today they gave it a look in the nickel formation instead of 4-3. As many people have guessed, Kelvin Sheppard will probably find his way off the field in certain situations as he was out when they went to the nickel.


The first group to get out there was Tyson Jackson, Al Woods, Drake Nevis, and Tremaine Johnson. Darry Beckwith was at Mike linebacker, with Perry Riley on his right. Danny McCray was up on the line of scrimmage as the nickel defender, and the secondary was Jai Eugene, Harry Coleman, Curtis Taylor, and Chris Hawkins.


The second team consisted of Cordian Hagans, Lazarius Levingston, Kentravis Aubrey, and Rahim Alem. Jacob Cutrera took the middle linebacker spot with Kelvin Sheppard on his left. Ron Brooks and Patrick Peterson lined up at corner with Chad Jones and Karnell Hatcher at safety. Phelon Jones was in the nickel position.


Unfortunately, Mallory made the second team go twice when it was discovered that Kentravis Aubrey “didn’t have his stuff buckled up,” referring to the big guy’s undone chin strap.


Ricky Jean-Francois was out there, but once again did not participate in full-unit drills.


Practice resumes tomorrow at 4 p.m. and we’ll have a full report.

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