Richardson still eyeing LSU

LSU already has two running back commitments for the 2009 class, but they appear to be trying to add one more. Rumored to be at the top of their list for that third running back spot is Trent Richardson from Pensacola, Florida.

Richardson caught everyone by surprise when he committed to Alabama back in the beginning of June. But despite that commitment, he has continued to show interest in other schools.

"I'm committed to Alabama, but I'm still looking at LSU, Florida, Florida State, and now Miami too," Richardson said. "I probably have over 30 offers now, but those are the main ones I'm focusing on."

"I'm still with Alabama, but it's a long way until February, and you never know what might happen," he continued. "I'm going to be watching this season to see how teams are doing. I'll have a final decision by signing day."

Richardson went more in depth about his interest in the five schools he mentioned.

Alabama: "They have a good offensive line coming up. Their class last year and this year are really good. I feel like they can win a few championships down the line."

LSU: "It's not too far from home, and it's close to my brother. I'm real cool with the coaches, and I like the players and the environment."

Florida: "I Coach Meyer and his staff. Plus, who wouldn't want to play next to the Heisman trophy winner?"

Florida State: "It's only about two hours away. I like their coaches too, and they need a running back."

Miami: "I would be going in there with Bryce Brown. We would be the best running back duo in the nation this year."

LSU already has two running backs committed for the 2009 class but that is of little concern to Richardson as competition is part of the game.

"The other two running backs don't really matter to me," said the nation's 18th ranked running back. "I feel I can go in and beat them out. I'm very competitive. I was always the youngest and my brothers always picked on me. But whenever I played with them and their friends I always held my own."

The LSU coaches are hoping Richardson will try to come in and hold his own against the rest of the running backs currently on the roster.

"I call the LSU coaches every week or so," Richardson said. "Coach Henson is my recruiting coordinator. He's a nice guy. He played offensive line. And he's always telling me what I need for classes to make sure my academics are fine."

"I talk to Russell Shepard a lot too," he continued. "In fact he just texted me the other day. We mostly talk about practice and football stuff. He's not even talking about recruiting, that's what I like about him. Julio Jones and Jerrell Harris from Alabama are doing that too."

With college football beginning in less than a week, Richardson has been trying to decide what schools he wants to visit this fall.

"I don't know when, but I know I'm going to LSU, Florida, and Alabama," Richardson said. "I'll probably go to Miami too, and I'm thinking about taking one up north. I'll probably go to Florida State for an unofficial because it's so close, and maybe Georgia too."

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