A busy week for Aaron Dotson

Trent Johnson has been scouring the country looking for players to fill out his first signing class at LSU and Tuesday night he made an in-home visit out West to talk to 4-star shooting guard Aaron Dotson. The two talked about everything one could imagine including his official visit down South this weekend.

Aaron Dotson, a 6-4, 194-pounder from Rainier Beach High School, averaged 16 points and six rebounds a game during his junior season.


He is known for being very unselfish but when he needs to take over he has the ability to do so whether it’s taking the ball to the basket or knocking down the outside show.


Dotson has spoken to Johnson several times on the phone over the course of the recruiting process but this was the first time he and his family met him in person.


They always say that first impressions make a lasting impression and it is safe to say that Johnson made a good one on his trip to the West Coast.


“It went real well,” Dotson said of the in-home visit. “My high school coach was here too and he and Trent go way back so they talked and laughed a lot which made the mood real light. My parents enjoyed it a lot and we had a real good time.”


Dotson has never been to LSU but through all of the conversations he had with Johnson he felt like he had a pretty good idea of what LSU had to offer.


While that may have been the case, though, Johnson made sure that there were no stones left unturned.


“We talked about everything you could think of,” said Dotson. “He told us about everything from how the school is with academics to how the team travels during the season to how the pre-game works. We talked about the football games, baseball games, the food there, and really everything. He gave me the inside on the style of play that they will play there too.”


The style of play is something that Tiger fans are anxious to learn about since is Johnson’s first year at the helm and if it close to what Dotson described then they should be in for a treat.


“He’s talking about running a pretty free system where as long as you rebound and play defense he will be pretty flexible in terms of running a fast-paced offense but at some points slowing it down when he needs to,” explained Dotson. “Being under control, rebounding and playing defense is what he talked about but at the same time letting you play.”


When we’ve spoken to Dotson in the past he talked openly about how playing for the right coach was more important than anything else.


After meeting with Johnson there is little doubt in his mind that the two would be a good fit.


“He’s exactly the type of coach I’ve always wanted and always needed when I play basketball,” Dotson said.


Next up for the nation’s 22nd ranked shooting guard is his official visit this weekend which was supposed to take place last weekend but was pushed back due to the aftermath of Hurricane Gustav.


Some Tiger fans thought that the turn of events could hurt LSU’s chances with the Seattle native but it will be better for all parties involved that he is coming in this weekend.


“I was supposed to come down but they didn’t have power and it actually worked out better for me because I had a little tendinitis in my knee and I could barely walk around so I wouldn’t have gotten around too well,” stated Dotson, who has two other trips planned to Miami (9/26) and Louisville (10/6).


Now, with his long trek only a few days away Dotson is looking forward to the upcoming trip because it could answer the only remaining question he has about LSU.


“I just want to see the campus and see if LSU is a place I can spend the next four years,” said Dotson. “There isn’t anything in particular that I’m looking for other than that feeling of where I’m just comfortable. The basketball part really fits me as far as coach Johnson’s system and how he runs things so it’s really down to just feeling comfortable with the campus.”

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