Johnson pays Reese a visit

Trent Johnson has been from one end of the country to the other this week. On Tuesday, LSU's headman was in Seattle making an in-home visit with Aaron Dotson and then on Thursday he made a trip over to Panama City Beach, Fla., to visit with Gulf Coast Community College standout Brad Reese.

Reese, a 6-7, 195 pound guard/forward combo, was in Baton Rouge two weeks ago for his official visit but his stay was cut short due to Hurricane Gustav and its expected landfall on Monday.


In the time that he did spend in Baton Rouge, Reese used it wisely and got to know the players and coaches to see if LSU was a good fit.


On Thursday, the 3-star shooting forward used the one-on-one time with Johnson to find out a little more about him and by the time the visit was over Reese learned everything he needed to learn.


“Coach J is a first class dude,” Reese said. “I like him a lot. He’s awesome. I can’t really put it into words.”


Reese’s parents made the drive over from Pensacola to spend time with Johnson and their son, and the ride over seemed like it was well worth the time spent on the highway.


“They think he is so real,” explained Reese. “They trust him and they realize he is good at everything he does. He was good at Nevada and he was good at Stanford and he’s going to be good at LSU.


“It’s not the fact that he’s just a good coach but they trust him with everything he does. He’s a big success and just a real first class dude.”


Part of the reason Johnson has been so successful on the college ranks is he has been able to incorporate a philosophy that fit the style of players he had.


Now that he is in SEC country those who have followed Johnson throughout his career will get to see him with a new brand.


“He said it’s going to be a lot different from what he ran at Stanford because I mean he had two 7-footers so he couldn’t run that much,” said Reese, who averaged 16 points and four rebounds a game as a freshman.


“That’s why when some people tell me LSU isn’t going to play fast I just tell them he couldn’t play fast there because that would have been stupid. But at LSU he’s going to be able to get more guards and will be able to run more.”


Next up for Reese is a scheduled visit to Arkansas and then one to Texas Tech.


He went to Alabama last weekend and at this stage of the game LSU has to like where it is sitting in the Brad Reese sweepstakes.


“Right now, LSU is at the top of my list,” said Reese.

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