Reese ponders next move

Brad Reese has taken all of his visits and has seen everything he needs to see of his two finalists so all's that left now is for him to put his pen to his paper and figure out where he wants to spend the next two years of his life.

Reese, a 6-7, 195-pound forward from Gulf Coast Community College, visited Texas Tech last weekend and he recently narrowed his field down to – LSU and Texas Tech.


LSU basketball coach Trent Johnson was at Gulf Coast on Wednesday and after the countless hours he has spent talking with Reese there wasn’t a whole lot left for them to discuss.


“It went real good,” said Reese, who averaged 16 points and four rebounds a game as a freshman at Gulf Coast. “We basically just talked about some of the guys he’s going after when I would be a senior and they sound like they’re some pretty good players. We’ve already talked so much from me calling over there and stuff, and I know everything there is to know about LSU.”


Now that Reese is down to the Tigers and Red Raiders, what’s next?


“It’s basically just evaluating things and then making my decision,” he said. “I’ll put down the pro’s and con’s for LSU and Texas Tech then go off of that. I just need to make sure I’m making the right decision.”


Making the right decision is important to Reese and there are several factors he will be evaluating during his process of elimination.


“It’s the place that I’m most comfortable at and the relationship with the coach and players,” he said. “And really, just where I’m comfortable living for two years and where my family can come watch me play. Playing time is big too.”


With those factors in mind, Reese went a step further and broke a few of them down as to how he felt about what LSU had to offer.


Relationship with Coach:  “You have to trust a coach to where he isn’t going to recruit over you. He’s bringing you in to play so you have to trust that he is recruiting you to do something with the program and not just fill a spot. You have to do your research on coaches to see if they’re telling you the truth and I definitely feel comfortable that coach J is telling me like it is and how it will be. I know he is.”


Location: “It’s close to home and my family can come watch me play against the SEC like Florida, Kentucky, Tennessee, Ole Miss, Mississippi State, and all of them. It would be easy for them to come watch me play and for me to get home to see them.”


Playing Time: “By far it’s with LSU. You got four or five people leaving and three of them are where I can play.”


With Reese’s recruiting process heading down the home stretch, just how close is he to the finish line?


“You know, I’m going to take my time and not get in a big hurry,” he said. “I’ll see when it feels right then make my call.”

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