Navasota has been kind to LSU

Navasota High has been good to LSU recently, producing running back Dexter Pratt as a headliner in the Tiger's already stellar 2009 recruiting class. The 2010 class could see another Rattler put on the purple and gold.

Junior offensive tackle Aleon Calhoun (6-7, 315) enjoys running as a lead blocker for the future Tiger, also one of the Lonestar State's top running backs.


"Dexter is a great teammate," Calhoun said. "We work really well together, and the team is off to an undefeated season. But I would definitely say he gets in my ear a lot about college. In fact, he was talking about things at LSU the other day. I have to admit, LSU is my type of environment. They have everything in order and running smooth. That is what I like in a program."


Despite the push from Pratt, Calhoun's front runner remains Texas.


"I have always been a Longhorn fan," Calhoun said. "I have talked to coach [Mack] Brown some as well as their offensive line coach. I just like what they offer a lot. If they give me the chance to play both football and basketball, it would be tough for me to pass it up. But there's a long way to go. We will have to see what happens."


Calhoun hasn’t picked up any offers yet but he is also hearing from Oklahoma State, a team he has ties to through his high school head coach.


"Coach [Lee] Fedora's older brother [Larry Fedora] used to be the offensive coordinator at Oklahoma State," Calhoun said. "He is at Southern Miss as the head coach now, but I still hear a lot from OSU. [Offensive line] Coach [Joe] Wickline is one person I talk to a good bit."


With the talent to play both sports, Calhoun has yet to decide which way he will go with his college decision; a route which currently holds a number of different possible roads to travel down.


"It's a lot to think about since basketball is my first love," Calhoun said. "When I am on the court I am just in the zone. I can't express how I feel. It is just something that comes over me. And I don't want to leave that behind.


"I play at the four spot right now," Calhoun added. "I can really switch things up though. I can knock down a jump shot or take you down low and post you up. I think that my talent could make a really good sixth man in college. I just add a spark when I get onto the court because I can play a number of different positions."


With letters pouring in from Texas, LSU, OSU and more, Calhoun knows that it is a long process ahead of him.


"My AAU coach told me that we will wait things out and see what schools will really let me play both sports," he said. "From there I have to do some thinking and then my mother and father and I will get together and make the decision that is best for me."

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