Lindsay has Louisiana roots

These days it seems like there's no such thing as too early when it comes to recruiting. This is especially true for 2010 offensive guard prospect Chad Lindsay from The Woodlands, Texas.

Even though he is not even half way through his junior season, Lindsay already has the attention of many of the top schools from around the country.


“I’ve already gotten offers from LSU, Alabama, Georgia, Auburn, Texas Tech, Nebraska, and Houston,” he said. “Texas is talking to me. I’m hearing a lot from Oklahoma, Notre Dame, Florida, Clemson, and Florida State too.”


Lindsay says that he is interested in all of the schools recruiting him. It seems a lot of the attention he is getting early on is a direct reflection of his hard work on the practice field and in the weight room.


“My size, strength, and quickness make me standout as a player,” said Lindsay, who stands 6-4, 300 pounds and reports a 350 pound bench and a 530 pound squat. “I’m also good with my technique and footwork and just moving people around and making holes. I like to think of myself as a guard, and I prefer playing on the left side. But I’ll play anywhere that will get me on the field the fastest.”


The big Texan has already been on one unofficial visit this year to watch one of his top teams play, and has plans in place for many more visits in the coming weeks.


“Last weekend, I went to the Alabama-Kentucky game,” he said. “I got to speak with coach Saban, coach Pendry, and coach Davis. This weekend I’m going to the Texas-Oklahoma game. The next weekend I’ll be in Austin for the Texas-Missouri game. The weekend after that will be the LSU-Georgia game, and then two weeks after that I’m going back to LSU for the LSU-Alabama game.”


Lindsay is going to be juggling that busy schedule along with his junior season, which is off to a great start for him and his teammates at The Woodlands High School.


“We’re doing pretty well,” Lindsay said. “We are 4-0 right now and ranked 6th or 7th in the state. We start district this Friday, and I think we should be the favorites to win it.”


Usually when the Texas Longhorns show early interest in a home state prospect, he has a hard time passing them up. But don’t expect that to be the case with Lindsay.


“I actually grew up in Baton Rouge, La.,” he said. “My family moved to Texas in 2002. So I didn’t really grow up a Texas fan. I wasn’t really a fan of any team growing up. I just liked to watch football on Saturdays.”


Though he claims to not have any favorites growing up, it certainly can’t hurt the Tigers that Lindsay is originally from Baton Rouge. They are indeed one of the many teams that have caught his eye early on.


“LSU has a great coaching staff and great tradition down there,” he said. “They just won the national championship and the academic center and the campus life are great. I’ve talked with Coach Stud and I hope to talk to him more when I visit later this month. I’ve been to a few LSU games before so I know what to expect, but I’m anxious to see everything from the recruiting side of it.”

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