Plenty of blame to go around

Jarrett Lee said that Saturday's loss to Georgia was his fault and he was taking the blame for the 52-38 shellacking. While it's noble of the young quarterback to take the blame for the setback, there should be plenty of others stepping up to take a licking as well.

Lee had a rough afternoon with three interceptions, including two that went the other way for six giving him four interceptions returned for a touchdown on the season.


The offense never seemed to find any rhythm and squandered numerous opportunities after Georgia jumped out to an early lead.


With the exception of Charles Scott’s running, LSU's offense sputtered all afternoon. The junior rushed for 144 yards and two touchdowns against a defense that allowed only 61 yards a game coming in.


Outside of that though, there wasn’t much to cheer about when LSU had the ball.


The defense gave up several big plays to the Bulldogs where someone either missed a tackle or blew a coverage, but when the defense did force the Bulldogs to a three-and-out, there was little to show for it.


The offense took advantage of one stop and turned it into a touchdown to cut the margin to 21-17, but on the next series Lee was picked off for the second time of the game after the troops forced a three-and-out.


The defense did step up and force Georgia to punt after three plays on the opening drive of the second half, but the offense lost a yard on a Scott carry to go with two incompletions by Lee.


“We got into a little rhythm but it seemed like every time we got a chance to do something we just couldn’t put it together,” said LSU receiver Brandon LaFell.


Georgia’s offense, on the other hand, did put it together and took advantage of the opportunities its defense presented by scoring three touchdowns out of the four times the Tigers punted after failing to get a first down on a drive.


Each of the scoring drives was capped by a big play where the Tigers had lapses on defense.


The first drive was highlighted by a Knowshon Moreno run for 47 yards to the LSU 10-yard line. Give Moreno credit because he is an outstanding player and proved that he is the SEC’s top back, but missed tackles and poor angles played a big part in the run.


Matthew Stafford and A.J. Green sparked the other two drives as the two hooked up for a 49-yard touchdown where Green beat Jai Eugene, and then they hooked up for a 33-yard strike early in the fourth quarter that allowed Stafford to score three plays later on a draw.


The Tigers blitzed on the touchdown pass and Patrick Peterson put a hand on Stafford but he took too wide of an angle and never affected his throw. Then on Stafford’s scoring run there was no one in the middle of the field and he scored easily to make it a three touchdown game.


LSU will not face skill position players as dangerous as those that were wearing red on Saturday and the guys from Athens deserve a lot of credit because they were good.


In fact, they were very good on that day.   


“I think we came out this week and played for four quarters,” said Georgia offensive lineman Clint Boling. “I think this was definitely one of the best games we’ve had. We played well in certain areas but today we were able to come together and play like we’re capable of playing as a whole.”


Now, it’s time for the Tigers to play like they are capable of playing.


The defense has surrendered too many big plays and while it would not be fair to say that Georgia hung 52 points on this unit because of the two picks for six, the Bulldogs did put 38 points on a defense that was billed as one of the best in the nation heading into this season.


There are issues to work out on both sides of the ball and although some goals may be lost there are still five games left on the schedule.


The players and coaches, however, have their work cut out for them now because losing to Florida on the road was one thing, but giving up 52 points at home two weeks later leaves a lot of questions that must be answered.


“I told my team another thing too, that the answer is going to come from within this room and the fact that’s it’s going to be about a team, and it’s not going to be any other way,” said LSU Head Coach Les Miles. “Everybody is going to have to further identify their role and have them play very positively and efficiently within that role. That’s where we’re headed.”

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