Heading home from Baton Rouge

Trent Richardson's interest in the LSU football program sprung on when his brother, Terrell, was recruited by the Tigers. Trent now finds himself as one of the top targets by LSU for 2009 and he spent some time in Baton Rouge over the weekend to check things out a little more.

Signing on as a defensive end for Louisiana-Lafayette, now a sophomore for the Ragin’ Cajuns, Terrell laid the foundation for the Richardson family on the bayou.


With the 2009 recruiting season drawing near crunch time, the Escambia-native has been up front about keeping his process open, possibly following in his brother's footsteps from Escambia to south Louisiana.


"I committed to Alabama but I always said I wanted to take looks at other schools," Richardson said.


Those schools, which the five-star narrowed down to Florida and LSU, remain the only two programs looking to land the Sunshine State's top back.


While Richardson (5-11, 225, 4.5) was unable to make the trip to Gainesville for the Tigers game against the Gators, he was able to make this weekend's game against the Bulldogs.


"I got down after the ACT Saturday morning," Richardson said. "Terrell and I rode down together, and got to campus as the game was ending. I just headed back to Lafayette for the night, then came back down to Baton Rouge on Sunday."


Richardson met with running backs coach Larry Porter and head coach Les Miles for the majority of his weekend stay in Baton Rouge.


"I was with those guys pretty much the whole time," Richardson said. "We talked a little football, but they are always the kind of coaches that will just talk to you about life in general. It isn't always football with them.


"They are telling me they still want me," Richardson added. "I am definitely still looking. I will be back for the Alabama game for sure.  I am going to be able to get down there that Friday night after my game. That will be an amazing one for sure, and I think it will definitely be close."


As for how the talk with the coaches went, the five-star said that there were some positives and he took away some more positives from the Tigers loss.


"The offensive line looked good," Richardson said. "They protected well and ran it well. I wish guys like Big Herm [Johnson] could stay another year, because they are just dominant. But things will be fine. LSU just has a young quarterback, and the more experience he has the calmer he will get. "


As for next weekend, Richardson said that he has no plans to visit any campuses as of yet.


The nation's No. 4 ranked running back has more important things to focus on for now, as in Friday night's home matchup up with Pensacola-Catholic.


"We got to win the game to get to the playoffs," Richardson said. "That means I got to step up every way I know how, so I am going to start at linebacker as well. They only have one loss on the season, but I think we can take it."

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