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Les Miles met with the media on Monday to discuss last week's loss to Georgia and to look ahead to Tulane. Most of the talk centered on the issues that inundated the Tigers in last week's 52-38 loss and what they must do to going forward.

Of course, one of the hot topics was the play of redshirt freshman quarterback Jarrett Lee, who tossed three interceptions with two of them going the opposite direction and giving the Bulldogs 14 points.


Miles said that he likes the way Lee gets the ball to his playmakers, but he must overcome some of the mistakes that he continues to make.


“Obviously, offensively there are some good pieces there, but our young quarterback takes some time to develop,” Miles said. “It’s a process that you go through, and you continue to teach, mentor, bring along, kick in the butt and exhaust your coaching again and again. I promise you that we’re up to that challenge. We like Jarrett Lee. Jarrett Lee is a talented player.”


Miles said that they usually start off with a script that includes 20 plays and they carry it into the second half depending on the way things are going. He said they rehearse 10-12 and sometimes 15 plays over the latter part of the week to help Lee get comfortable with the plays.


It is very hard for a young signal caller to start in the SEC and Miles feels that many of the mistakes are typical of a freshman quarterback in this league.


“As much as I hate to admit it they are,” Miles said. “We have to do a better job of removing some of those options from making the mistakes he made in this last game. We’ll review it yet again and try to eliminate some of those until we feel like he is in a groove. When he’s doing it and he is comfortable he is pretty talented.”


Lee was forced into action earlier than expected when Ryan Perrilloux was dismissed following spring practice.


Rather than spend time worrying about the effects of Perrilloux’s dismissal, Miles would rather focus on the future, which may include true freshman quarterback Jordan Jefferson.


“I think Jordan Jefferson probably comes into play here a little more readily and we’ll look to him to see if he can give us some youth and some speed,” Miles said.


Miles said on Sunday that he expects Lee to start against Tulane on Saturday and that Andrew Hatch’s role will likely stay the same.


While the guys on the offensive side of the ball have made their share of mistakes, the same can be said for those on the opposite side.


Miles said that he liked the effort that he saw when reviewing the defensive film from Saturday’s game and that he felt the right calls were made with the exception of a couple.


“I think our defense is prone to at times trying to make the exceptional play,” he said. “I watched every snap of the defensive film and I can tell you that by call it was exactly what we would want. Maybe with the exception of two calls in that game, I don’t know if I would change a call.”


One area that has underperformed based on the expectations that fans had heading into this season is the defensive front, which is one of the most experienced areas on the team.


“I think at times some of our veterans see the score going against us and they sometime think about playing outside the scheme,” Miles said. “I just want them to play confidently and within our scheme. If they do that then we’ll be fine.


“The call has to be played the same way every time you make the call. You see it being played three times in the game extremely well and then the fourth time you ask why is your path so deviant.”


It will be up to the co-defensive coordinators, Doug Mallory and Bradley Dale Peveto, to get the veterans going in the right direction and playing the way they have been taught.


Mallory and Peveto have been with Miles all throughout his tenure at LSU and theirfamiliarity with the scheme played a big role in his decision to promote them when Bo Pelini moved on to Nebraska.


“The scheme is going into four years now with these coordinators,” Miles said. “They are working hard to get this thing corrected just like I am. I think they’re doing a great job and they’re working hard at it. Hopefully we’ll get everybody’s attention and get on the same page and move forward.”

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