Telfort's official is this weekend

Miami's Frankie Telfort might be one of the most explosive linebackers in the Sunshine State this season. Yet, despite in-state schools answering at his beckoning call, Telfort (6-0, 215, 4.4) continues to look into the horizon for more opportunities.

This weekend, Telfort will travel to Baton Rouge to see what the Tigers offer as they play host to No. 1-ranked Alabama.


"I was with Frankie on Monday," said Gulliver Prep assistant coach Ron Butler, who also serves as Telfort’s mentor. "He had just gotten back from USC, and he had a great visit out there. He liked it a lot, but he is on the visit circuit and every situation becomes the best after he has the red carpet treatment laid out for him. What he has to learn is that it always will not be that way for him. He needs to base his decision on his surroundings."


Butler, who has coached kids that went on to play at Florida State, Florida, South Florida, Duke and Rutgers, is no stranger to the recruiting game. That being said, he has been there to help Telfort throughout the process.


"He understands that I have coached a lot of kids," Butler said. "He understands the process and how it goes. He will come in and ask me what I think of a certain situation and what not.


"I also try to help parents out as much as I can," Butler added. "When they come to me for help, whether on decisions or opinions, I am there. If the coaches from LSU or Florida or wherever are coming in, I will go to the house and sit with them and make sure everyone is comfortable and gets the most out of the visit."


While Telfort remains hot on the radars of all the Florida schools, including out of state interest from coast to coast, the Miami-native is doing all he can to keep things in perspective.


"He really wants to go to a school with a good med program, because he is interested in pharmacy school," Butler said. "I tell him that he needs to look for schools that offer the best plan for him along that path, but also look at the success of the football program, because that is going to be a part of your everyday life.


"As for in-state schools, I don't think he is restricting himself," Butler added. "He is looking for what he wants, and the Florida's and Florida State's may not have that. That is what he has to find out. And by exploring options like LSU, USC and Stanford, he sees that there are more opportunities for him. The real world is out there, and he is beginning to see that."


As for his visit to the Bayou, Butler is not worried about how Telfort will take things in.


"The type of kid he is, he can adapt to any environment," Butler said. "He is like a chameleon. And I have spent time in New Orleans and Louisiana, and I always had great experiences. He will be really excited to get down there and see what they have to offer."


Where does Butler see the 4-star prospect playing at on the next level?


"A lot of coaches are projecting him at strong safety," Butler said. "If he gets a few more inches to him, then puts on some weight, who knows where he could play. Right now we are going to train him really hard at defensive back during the offseason so that he is ready to step in and play.


"We play a 52 defense now," Butler added. "With a five man front, he has to more or less rely on reading guards. We see a lot of wing-T formation, and he understands how to read that and get downhill after he makes the read. We don't have a real 4-3 scheme, but he fits into the middle if we do switch into that. That is high school though, and I can't see him being a bulky middle linebacker in college."


With his senior season winding down, Butler has been impressed by how far Telfort has come.


"His point of attack has gotten a lot better," Butler said.  "Last season he was timid because he was playing with a cast on his hand, so he was scared to deliver the kind of blow to knock the kid out. He made all of the sure tackles, but no punishing hits. That is his biggest improvement. We have even been using him running the ball and he sees the lanes with great vision, and has the breakaway speed to make things happen.


"The biggest downfall in his game now is that he is playing against bigger linemen," Butler added.  "He has trouble shedding blocks and getting off of them, but proper coaching and technique will get him better suited for that."


In terms of winding down his process, Butler has confidence that Telfort will know who to keep around when the time comes to slim up his list.


"Telfort is such a smart kid that he wont fall for a situation that will hurt him in the long run," Butler said. "He is intelligent beyond his years, and his survival skills are great. He knows what will be the best decision for him. Over the summer when he took visits, he would always come back and say that he could see himself playing at one school and not another. He knows what to identify with.


"And his parents are telling him to be happy," Butler added. "So he will choose the school that is best for Frankie Telfort, regardless of where that school might be."

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