Hard at work

With the nation's top ranked team heading into Baton Rouge, Tiger-commit Russell Shepard made sure that he had the date cleared for the Nov. 8 weekend.

"I wasn't going to come down here at first because I had a prior engagement," Shepard said. "But I got all of it taken care of and was able to get down here.


"I got a chance to hang out with Xavier [Su'a-Filo] and Chris [Faulk] and all those guys," Shepard added. "Xavier had a blast, so things look really good with him right now. They are both getting pretty big too, so they will be amazing linemen in college. It is always cool to get into town and see everyone that I don't get to see during the season on any consistent basis. That is the big thing."


As for the game itself, the 5-star signal caller was impressed by the Tigers ability to push the Tide into overtime.


"We looked good," Shepard said. "We are still just young, especially at quarterback. People say that Jarrett [Lee] isn't doing well, but they have to realize that he is a freshman.


“I won't even say redshirt, because that doesn't mean anything if you don't have the experience in games yet. Jarrett is going to be an amazing quarterback for LSU, he just needs some time to find himself and get used to the SEC."


Not only is Russell Shepard one of LSU’s top commitments for 2009, but he’s also an ace recruiter


At the game, Shepard was able to play host to a few of his fellow 2009 graduates.


"I sat with Trent [Richardson], Jarvis [Jones], Dre [Kirkpatrick] and Kendall [Kelly]," Shepard said. "Jarvis had a great time, and I think that he is thinking hard about things right now. I get the feeling that he wants to leave Georgia, so it seems like things might come down to LSU and Florida.


"Even though Dre is going to end up at Alabama, you could tell that he had fun in the environment," Shepard added. "Kendall was the same, except I think that he is more open right now than Dre is in terms of where he will play ball at in college."


Richardson, who showed heavy interest in the Tigers before committing to the Tide before the season, has continued to stay in contact with the LSU coaching staff.


"Trent will be someone whose process will come down to the end," Shepard said. "He is in a great position right now being a part of Alabama and their success, but a great opportunity is in front of him at LSU. You can tell that pulling him completely away from LSU would have already happened by now if he were going to go down that road.


“He will have to do what is best for him, and we will see later what the ends up doing,” added Shepard. “All the while, you can look into someone's eyes and think you know exactly where they are coming from on something, and then be completely wrong. So we will see."


Shepard, who returns to Houston in preparation for the Rams run into the playoffs, is ready to make the weekend trips to Baton Rouge permanent.


"I am coming back down for my official in early December," Shepard said. "I don't think the coaches will be able to show me anything I haven't seen already, so we are going to just make sure that everything is lined up for me to enroll in January. Because when Jan. 5 comes and I get my transcript handed to me, it is off to LSU."

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