Hicks pulls the trigger

Following Saturday's tough loss in overtime to Alabama, the LSU coaches got some good news Sunday afternoon from one of the top junior college players in the country in Akiem Hicks from Sacramento City Community College.

“My visit was amazing. I actually committed,” said Hicks, who was at the airport getting ready to board his flight back to Sacramento. “LSU has a beautiful atmosphere. The coaches were great. The players were great.”


“It’s actually kind of a funny story,” Hicks continued. “We were having a talk in Coach Miles’ office today before I left. Then on my way to the airport after thinking about everything, I decided that LSU was the best place for me, so I called Coach Miles and told him I was ready to be a Tiger. He said ‘I needed that’ and told me I’m going to be a great addition to the team, and he can’t wait for me to get there.”


Hicks arrived in Baton Rouge on Friday afternoon. His first order of business when he got to campus was to take a tour of the facilities.


“When we got in from the airport we headed straight to the stadium,” he said. “We checked out the stadium, went to the locker rooms and walked on the field. That was amazing. Then we checked out the academic center, it was huge. Friday night I went to dinner with the coaches, and then after I hung out with some of the guys. My hosts were Charles Alexander and Chancey Aghayere. They were cool, and they were very up front and honest with me.”


Hicks had an equally busy day on Saturday.


“Saturday morning we went to breakfast with some of the alumni,” Hicks said. “It was at the Lod Cook Center on campus. I thought it was pretty crazy they actually had a hotel on campus. After that we went and watched the team do the Tiger Walk down the hill. That was pretty cool. I got to walk around some during tailgating too. The tailgating is crazy out there. I had all kinds of food.”


“Then we went on the field before the game and watched the players warmup,” Hicks continued. “That was amazing. I’ve never seen fans as crazy as that in my life.”


Next up for Hicks was the actual game itself. Even though they came up short, Hicks was pleased with the Tigers’ effort.


“I thought they played great out there,” he said. “They shouldn’t have lost in my opinion. With the way they came out in the first half I thought they were going to dominate. And as for the defensive line, let me just say they are very well coached, because their technique is flawless.”


Once the game was over, Hicks was off and running again for the rest of his visit.


“Saturday night we went and had dinner again,” Hicks said. “Then I just hung out with the players some more. I got to know how much they love LSU and love being there.”


“Then this morning we checked out more of the campus,” he continued. “I checked out the business school because that’s going to be my major. One of the heads of the business department actually came to lunch with us and was very helpful. That’s another thing I really liked about LSU, everyone there is just so helpful.”


The visit this weekend was Hicks’ second official visit of the year, and he doesn’t have plans to take anymore.


“I went to Oregon back in August,” he said. “I was actually supposed to be at Tennessee this weekend, but I changed because of everything that’s going on with the coaches there. I’m glad I did though, because it was so worth it. I don’t have any other visits planned. I committed and that’s it.”


“I’ll be graduating this spring,” Hicks continued. “Everything is going great and according to plan with me right now for school. So, I’ll graduate in May and get to LSU this summer, ready to bang some heads.”


Note: Akiem Hicks is a 4-star prospect and the 4th ranked JUCO defensive tackle in the nation according to Scout.com. Through 8 games this season, Hicks has accounted for 33 tackles, 7 tackles for loss, and 2 quarterback hurries at Sacramento City.

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