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In the few short months he's been on the job, Trent Johnson has proven that there will be no geographic limitations in where he goes to look for players to come to LSU. The newest example of that is 2010 prospect Trey Zeigler from Mount Pleasant, Mich.

At 6-5, 193 pounds and rated the seventh best shooting guard in the nation for the 2010 class, Zeigler is a junior at Mount Pleasant High School.


With his junior season just around the corner, Zeigler is looking to build on a solid sophomore campaign that saw him average 19.5 points, 8 rebounds, and 5 assists per game.


Those numbers were good enough to earn the standout performer first team all-conference and third team all-state honors, despite missing the first eight games of the season.


After working hard over the summer on the hoops circuit, Zeigler says there is much he is looking forward to heading into his junior year.


“We’re going to be pretty good as long as we stay healthy,” he said. “Last year I was hurt and we started 0-8. We have size coming up from the JV team this year so that should help us a lot.”


And individually, Zeigler sees himself as a player that offers a lot of versatility to any team he plays on.


“I’m more of a slasher. I like to get the ball on the wing and drive to the bucket,” he said. “I’m very comfortable shooting from long range too though.”


“My biggest strength is my versatility,” Zeigler continued. “I feel like I can do everything. I can handle the ball, get people the ball, score, whatever my team needs me to do. My biggest weakness is talking and being a leader. And I can always work on defense.”


Though he is only a junior, Zeigler’s recruitment has already started heating up as he has received offers and interest from several major schools.


“Right now I have offers from Michigan State, Central Michigan, Miami, and Michigan,” he said. “Other schools I talk to a lot are LSU, Oklahoma, Kansas, Notre Dame and UCLA. Those are pretty much all the schools I’m interested in right now.”


Zeigler has special ties to the Central Michigan program as his dad, Ernie, is entering his third season as head coach of the Chippewas. Those ties make attending Central Michigan a very real option, even for a highly rated prospect like Zeigler.


“My dad always tells me to just be patient with the whole process,” he said. “Staying home and playing for him is a definite possibility, but I want to go to the best situation for me. I want to go to a school I feel has an opportunity to compete for a national championship. If I think I can do that at Central Michigan then why not go there?”


Another school Zeigler seems to have serious interest in is LSU and Tiger fans can thank coach Trent Johnson and his staff for that.


“I’m definitely interested in LSU,” Zeigler said. “Mainly because of Coach Johnson and his staff. I just love what they are trying to do there.


“Coach [Brent] Scott has been up here to see me a few times,” he continued. “I’d say he is my recruiting coach. I’ve talked to Coach Johnson a few times too and he’s a good guy. I’m pretty sure they’re coming to watch me play in December.”


Johnson and Scott have been explaining the new plans for the LSU basketball program, and so far Zeigler likes what he is hearing.


“He [Johnson] told me he wants to get up and down the court and run,” Zeigler said. “He likes guys that can shoot it and slash to the goal. And I know he’s had some successful guards at Stanford and Nevada.


“He is the type of coach I’d like to play for,” Zeigler continued. “I want a coach that wants to run and get after it. I want to get to the basket and create baskets and have an up and down, fast-paced tempo.”


Though Johnson and his staff seem to be Zeigler’s main draw to LSU, he is not altogether unfamiliar with the Tigers’ basketball program.


“I know Shaq went there, and I know they’ve had successful teams in the past,” said the 4-star prospect. “My dad was actually an assistant coach at UCLA when they had the final four run with Tyrus Thomas and Big Baby.”


Given that he is from Michigan, it’s only natural to wonder if going all the way down to Baton Rouge for college would be a problem for Zeigler. But he says going away for school will not be much of a problem.


“I’ve been moving around since I was younger, so distance is not going to be a problem at all for me,” Zeigler said. “I was actually supposed to go down to LSU a few weeks ago for the Tulane game, but I just couldn’t make it down. Plus Coach Scott is from this area anyway, so I would have someone there that I could relate to.”

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