Wilson has offers

Haltom High's Reggie Wilson is already making a name for himself as one of the top defensive ends in the Lone Star State. The best part is, Wilson (6-4, 238, 4.8) is only wrapping up his junior season, but that hasn't stopped LSU from extending an early scholarship offer.

"Coaches can work a lot of years and not coach someone with this much talent," said Haltom head coach Scot Hafley. "When he plays the game he plays it with a great amount of passion. He is not just a gamer, because he has things turned on every day of the week. This is the caliber of kid that will play at the NFL level. He is that good."


With that sort of praise, one can assume that the offer list is already piling up.


"He has offers from all over the place," Hafley said. "He actually asked me to be in charge of his recruitment so he could just focus on everything else. At this point, he isn't really concerned with any of it. With all the stuff coming his way, he has just remained grounded. That is the cool thing about Reggie.


"He is actually about to start basketball for the first time," Hafley added. "So he is switching gears to focus on that. He is also really working hard in the classroom to get his GPA as high as possible before entering his senior year. He wants to enroll in college in January of his senior season as an early graduate, so he is on the right path."


With Wilson on the path for 5-star accolades, Hafley said that the desire to get to the college level could not be stronger.


"I think Reggie has the mentality to be one of the best players in the country," Hafley said. "When he looks at colleges, he is thinking that he wants to get into spring football on time and earn himself a starting job. And the best part is that he does not stop until he gets things. I think his mind recognizes the amazing talent level he is at, but he does not enjoy it. He just works everyday to get better than he was the day before."


Hafley feels that Wilson will reach his full potential as soon as he reaches the collegiate level.


"The only area he really needs to improve is his upper body strength," Hafley said. "He still has a lot of body to grow into, so once he gets onto the training table in college and the trainers have everyone on three square meals a day he will be perfect. Right now he can clean 300 pounds, but he just doesn't bench a tremendous amount of weight."


For now, Wilson’s size and speed is plenty enough to keep the motor running in the trenches.


"Reggie has unbelievable speed, right at sub 4.8" Hafley said. "He just gets off of the ball so fast, it is amazing. And it is an everyday thing, he never misses a beat. It takes three offensive linemen just to block him."


With offers on the plate from LSU, Oklahoma, Texas A&M, Texas Tech, Nebraska and Florida State, to name a few, Wilson plans on hitting the recruiting trail over the next few months.


"He is going to explore everything over the school break," Hafley said. "He is going to take some unofficial visits and start to get a feel for everywhere. With the hope of enrolling in a school by December, I believe that he is going to try and wrap the process up next spring."

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