Okafor ready for Junior Days

Houston-Bellaire plays home to one of the nation's top 2010 prospects in standout lineman Joseph Okafor. The 6-foot-6, 250-pound defensive end is already attracting interest from college coaches, and the invites to upcoming Junior Days are stacking up.

"I have gotten letters about coming in for Junior Day from LSU, Texas, Texas A&M and Nebraska," said Houston-native Joseph Okafor. "Those schools are the ones that are really putting the pressure on with their recruitment.


"The Aggie's Junior Day was one that I missed, and I am going to be getting down to LSU for their second Junior Day, since we have a basketball game on Jan. 31," added Okafor. "Then I will be in Austin for Texas' Junior Day on Feb. 8."


Though he won't get a chance to see the Tigers during their upcoming Junior Day, Okafor said that he has enough about the program stored in his head to last him the extended time.


"I caught a lot of games on television this year, so I am pretty up on how the program has been doing," he said. "I watched the Ole Miss, Auburn, Florida, Alabama and Georgia games. I was supposed to actually be in town for the game against the Bulldogs, but we had a football game moved to that date."


The Houston-native pointed to the Tigers' "Express" package as one of the team's most appealing features.


"I love that style of putting four pass rushers into the game, as well as rotating defensive lineman on an 8-deep line up," Okafor said. "The speed guys and pass rushers can get in and disrupt things, and then get off to the sideline and get a breather. You can see that the line stays dominant throughout, because everyone is fresh."


Though the Tigers finished the regular season at 7-5, a long cry from the National Championship stage they graced just a year prior, Okafor sees no reason to worry.


"Everyone has their up and down seasons," he said. "That is nothing to sweat at all. Craig [Loston] and Russell [Shepard] are going to get in there and turn things back around. LSU is the type of school that gets you ready for the league, and that is what I really like about them. It is a great place to get a chance to play at."


Before heading into his senior campaign, Okafor said that he hopes to tweak a few more facets of his game.


"I did not have the season I would have liked this past year, so I am working harder this offseason to get ready," he said. "I really need to work on my explosiveness, because I can get a lot quicker off the line. I am also trying to put on about five more pounds of muscle, and that will have me playing at about 255 next season."


Note: Okafor holds offers from Arkansas and Oklahoma State.


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