Richardson reflects on LSU official visit

Pensacola-native Trent Richardson has been a commitment to Alabama since last summer. After taking in his official visit to LSU, the 5-star running back returns home ready to ponder where his process stands moving forward.

Richardson took in the weekend alongside his mother and brother, Terrelle, a defensive end at Louisiana-Lafayette.


"We all came over to see the coaches and spend the weekend together in Baton Rouge," he said. "We are all really familiar with LSU and the staff at this point, because they recruited Terrelle, and he and my mom have a good relationship with the coaches from that. It was just a good time to get over for one last visit before signing day."


The 5-foot-11, 225-pound prospect spent the weekend with fellow running back Charles Scott, and the Tiger junior made sure that Richardson knew that LSU was a place that he could flourish for the next four years.


"Charles was my host, so we spent a lot of time together just hanging out and talking football," Richardson said. "He sat me down and let me know that I had a great opportunity to get down there and do big things.


"He said that he has been looking at me over the process, and that I have good speed and good hips, which he said even he didn't have at my age. But he said that he has been able to accomplish everything he has because of what the coaches at LSU have done for him, and he sees me as someone who runs hard and everything, so he says I can follow that same path he took."


One relationship that Richardson has held close to his vest throughout the process is the one he shares with LSU running backs Coach Larry Porter. And, after taking in one final visit to Baton Rouge, the bond grew even closer.


"Coach Porter and I just talked a lot about what the future holds for me," Richardson said. "This is one of the toughest decisions of my life, and I have to settle things down here soon so I feel the pressure building up. Coach just assured me that LSU was a place that I could not go wrong with, and when I look at things that makes me pretty comfortable."


With visits to Alabama, Florida and LSU now under his belt, the nation's No. 2 ranked running back enters the home stretch of his recruitment process.


"I am not really going to open my mouth too much over the next couple of weeks, just because I need to sit back with everyone and think about things," he said. "It is going to be really tough, so it is time for me to sit back and get with the people that I trust and make my final decision."


Who will the Escambia-standout look to for advice as he takes in the final days of his process?


"My brother, Terrelle, and my coach, Derrick Boyd, are the two people that I am really talking about things to," Richardson said. "My coach played at Virginia, so he went through the whole process on his own, and he also goes through it with his players each year. My brother is also a big influence, because he just went through the process and knows how things work."


How did the weekend's festivities grade out for the 5-star?


"The weekend was a lot of fun, and I would give it and eight out of ten, maybe even a nine," Richardson said. "I can't give it a ten because Florida's official visit was a blast a couple of weekends ago, just because they had a lot of us in town and they presented the National Championship trophy to the team and all that. It was still a blast, though.


"Seeing the atmosphere at the basketball game against Xavier was cool too," added Richardson. "Me, Rueben [Randle] and Sam Montgomery all hung out and just clowned around. We even saw Chris Paul and David West sitting by us, but we were too nervous to go say anything."


Where do the Tigers stand after the weekend's events?


"LSU is right there in terms of who I am thinking about here at the end," Richardson said. "So many people have been filling my head with so much different stuff that I need to back away for a minute and just let it all sink in.


"It is going to be tough, and I honestly don't know which direction I am going. I am so up in the air that even the coaches will not know until February rolls around and I have to make my decision."


Richardson's final visit is set for Jan. 30 at Tennessee.


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