LSU coaches target Patterson

The Skyline High football team is stacked with highly recruited talent year in and year out. For the 2010 class, a number of Raiders are already attracting national attention. Linebacker Dominique Patterson is hearing from the Tiger staff, and the 6-foot, 220-pound prospect is eager to get down to Baton Rouge.

"Coach Mac (D.J. McCarthy) told our coach that he went over my highlight tape and that the staff had liked what they had seen," Patterson said. "It felt really good to hear that LSU was looking at my tapes. Coach Mac told me and Corey and Mike Davis that he wanted to see us down this past weekend."


The invite from the staff came just days before LSU's Junior Day, and the Dallas-native wasn't able to make the trip due to the short notice.


"We were trying to make it down," Patterson said. "Corey was trying to drive us down there, because he got offered by LSU already and wanted to check it out. I think if the staff feels good about what they have seen from Mike and I, then something might happen with an offer. It would definitely feel really good."


Familiar with the Tiger program, Patterson said that he holds LSU football in high regard.


"LSU can put players in the league, and that is important for people who want to go on and play pro ball," he said. "My coach sits me down a lot and we look at schools' positions, and then we see how many times over the last five years that they have put a player at that position into the NFL. I feel like LSU is a place that can prepare you to get there, for sure."


With a new coaching staff on the defensive side of the ball hitting the recruiting trail for the Tigers, the Skyline linebacker said that he sees positives in the new staff as it looks to be a unit in place for at least a few seasons to come.


"The coach being there that recruited me is important, because he will be the one focused on developing me," Patterson said. "I don't want to go into a situation where the person who recruited me might not even be on staff when I get there and start playing."


One of the premier linebackers in the Lone Star State for 2010, the interest from college coaches is coming in all directions for Patterson.


"Things have been going good with my recruitment, and a lot has been going on lately," he said. "Texas A&M offered not long ago. Iowa, Kansas State and Minnesota have offered me, too. Notre Dame, Wisconsin, Oklahoma, Alabama, Texas Tech and Oklahoma State have all been sending a lot of stuff, so they definitely have some interest in me."


While the mailbox is filling up with new schools each week, Patterson said the he has a good idea of what teams he will be narrowing it down to.


"I am mainly looking at Texas A&M, LSU, Oklahoma and Minnesota," he said. "Corey Nelson and I are looking at a lot of the same schools, and we really want to play together at the next level. LSU is one of the teams that we have in common, so we will see how things play out."


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