Dyer is interested

After Keiland Williams and Charles Scott graduate next season, there will only be three tailbacks on the LSU roster. As a result the Tigers will be looking to take a couple of running backs in the 2010 class, and one of them on their radar is Michael Dyer from Little Rock, Ark.

Dyer (5-10, 198) became a household name for recruiting fanatics last spring when his sophomore highlight videos began popping up on the internet.


That season, Dyer ran for over 2,700 yards and 28 touchdowns. He followed up that phenomenal sophomore campaign with another 1,900 yards and 21 touchdowns this past season as a junior. And for good measure, he was able to run for 900 yards and six touchdowns as a freshman three seasons ago.


Most high school players would be ecstatic to have an entire career as good as Dyer’s first three seasons. But while the standout runner realizes he’s been blessed with certain abilities, he also says he has more room to improve.

“My strengths are my ability to run with vision and quickness,” Dyer said. “I have good size and strength, and I play with my teammates and not for myself. I’ve just always been able to make the play and have fun.

“I’m always working to get better and do what my coach asks me to do,” he continued. “I run a 4.39 right now, but I want to keep working on my speed and get down to a 4.2 for the summer. I want to get quicker because the college game is faster. And most running backs struggle with pass blocking, so I’d like to work on that.”

When he wasn’t running circles around opponents on the field last season, Dyer found the time to take in some college games. He’s also made one visit already this spring to Oklahoma’s junior day, and plans to make a few more.

“I went to games last year at Arkansas, Tulsa, and Alabama,” he said. “I liked them all; they all have things I’m looking for in a school. I want to check out LSU, Florida, Notre Dame, Georgia Tech, and Ole Miss in the next few months.”

It goes without saying that Dyer is at the top of the wish list for many schools in 2010, and he’s already beginning to get a feel for just how wanted he is.

“I have eight or nine offers right now,” said the four-star prospect. “I know I have offers from Arkansas, Tulsa, Alabama, Oklahoma, Stanford, and Ole Miss. I’m also getting a lot of mail from LSU, Florida, Georgia, Georgia Tech, and many other schools.”

When his internet legend first started growing, Dyer made it known that LSU was his favorite school at the time. That all stemmed from his experience at LSU’s summer camp in 2007.


“My freshman year, one of my friends took me down to an LSU camp,” Dyer said. “I saw the campus and met the coaches and we got to know each other. Coach Porter said he liked me and to make sure I go back. I had always loved LSU, but I started liking it more and more after I went to that camp.”


Dyer said his interest in LSU is more than just summer camps and highlight tapes.


“They have a balanced offense and I really like that,” he said. “And Coach Miles talked to me about grades and playing hard when I was there. He’s a good coach. We got to watch him run practice and he’s laid back, but he gets on them when he needs to. I like that.”


Unfortunately Dyer hasn’t been able to make it back to Baton Rouge since that summer in 2007, but he plans to change that soon.


“I was planning to go to LSU this year for a visit, but I never got the letters inviting me to games,” he said. “They were getting held up at school, but that’s been taken care of now. They have been sending a lot of mail lately. They invited me to junior day, but I had plans already for that weekend. I’m definitely going to try to make it back down there soon though.”

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