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For Newman-standout Ronnie Vinson, the chance to play for the LSU Tigers has always been a dream. Thursday, the six-foot, 180-pound safety took a major step in making that dream become a reality.

Walking the halls of Newman High on Thursday, Ronnie Vinson expected the day to go like any other. Yet, as he sat in his history class, the New Orleans-native was called to his coach's office to receive what turned out to be some of the biggest news of his life.


"I was just going through the day like any other, and I got a message from my head coach to come meet him in his office after class," Vinson said. "He said he had some really good news for me, so I got over there not knowing what was happening.


"My coach then started playing with me and said that someone was on the phone for me, but he didn't want to tell me who," added Vinson. "When I picked it up I heard coach [Ron] Cooper's voice."


What did the Tigers' defensive backs coach have to say?


"He just talked to me casually for a bit, basically telling me that he really liked my film," Vinson said. "Then he said that someone else wanted to talk with me, and he handed the phone to coach [Les] Miles. I couldn't believe any of it was going on, it was just crazy."


With the passing of the phone to the Tigers' headman came the news that Vinson had been waiting for.


"He said that he looked at all the other prospects some and he really likes the way I move," he said. "After that he told me he was ready for me to be a Tiger. My jaw just dropped. It was a pretty amazing feeling.


"It is just such a relief to get the big dog out of the way, especially after junior day when they told me that they wanted to see me again at camp before making anything happen."


Though the offer was the one that he was waiting on, Miles took the pressure off by telling Vinson to hold off before making a decision on his future.


"Coach just told me to go home and think about it," Vinson said. "He wants me to talk with my parents so that I don't rush into anything without putting a lot of thought into it. Basically, he just said the offer was on the table and that he would love for me to eventually take it and be a Tiger."


Where does the New Orleans-native stand with his process moving forward?


"I am just going to stay level headed and keep working out and get faster and stronger," Vinson said. "I am just taking it one step at a time. I guess there will be a lot of talking with my parents and we will see.


"I got offered by Kentucky as well, so I am going to still be looking at my options," added Vinson. "Coach [Ken] Norton out at USC has been on me a lot too, so I might take a look at what they have to offer. Right now I am just happy to get the LSU offer, though, because Tiger Stadium and almost 100,000 fans is what it is all about. It is a great feeling."


Vinson holds offers from LSU, Ole Miss and Kentucky with interest coming from USC, UCLA, Alabama and Tennessee.


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