Jacobs is a Tiger

Nick Jacobs received the word he had been waiting on when Les Miles extended a scholarship offer last Thursday. Of course, it didn't take long for Jacobs to render a decision.

After receiving his scholarship offer from LSU, Nick Jacobs wasted little time before he told the coaching staff he was ready to be a Tiger.


"I committed and it felt great," Jacobs said. "Coach Miles was saying all of this stuff about how excited he was, so it was pretty cool. All of the coaches came in and started shaking my hand and hugging me and just telling me how happy they are to have me on board."


Jacobs said that he went to sleep last night, and for the first time, knew in his heart he was ready to be a Tiger.


"I decided last night, actually," he said. "My brother called me up and shot it to me straight. He said to commit to LSU and follow my heart, and that was all I needed to hear. I had been asking someone in my family to be honest with me, and everyone kind of backed away and let me decide on my own. My brother just came out and said it though, so I knew the feeling was there."


After taking in the campus with his parents, where does the Jacobs family stand with the news from their son?


"They couldn't be happier, especially after seeing campus today and getting the academic tour," he said. "My mother and stepdad came down with me, and they liked everything that they saw. The academics were the key though, and the set up they had even surprised me. I had seen everything else, but getting a tour up close of what LSU would provide me off of the field was really great."


Driving back to Many, how does the newest Tiger feel moving forward?


"I am feeling really great," Jacobs said. "Just heading home I can feel it, so I am happy I made the decision. I am going to get on board with them and start building my class. Basketball is coming up, so I am going to try and stay focused on that. Still, it will be fun being out there playing and knowing that I am a Tiger."


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