An offer and a leader for Swilling

For Pat Swilling, Jr., the decision on where to attend college is stickier than most. While he is one of Louisiana's top guards on the hardwood, Swilling is getting plenty of attention from schools for his abilities on the football field.

The junior prospect has yet to decide which direction he will take with his athletic future, but attention from both programs at LSU has the New Orleans-native resting a bit easier.


Swilling has always been able to handle being a dual-sport athlete without much adieu.


For Brother Martin, Swilling runs the show on both the hardwood and gridiron.


Of course, the six-foot-three, 210-pound junior realizes that the balancing act will not be the same at the collegiate level, leaving Swilling to make what he assumes will be one of the biggest decisions of his life.


"I am really not sure yet what I am going to do, but I do know that playing both football and basketball would be too hard for me," he said. "I am going to pick one and just focus on that sport. I know it is going to be pretty tough to decide, but I have some time so I am just going to explore my options and follow my heart."


Swilling has already landed one scholarship offer and the schools that are recruiting him for football have a familiar ring to them.


"Really a lot of the same schools that showed me love for basketball are getting on me for football," Swilling said. "LSU, Georgia, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Connecticut and Georgia Tech are the schools I am really hearing from. Tennessee actually offered me for football already. Some coaches are even saying they want me to play both, but I know I don't want to do that."


As for LSU, Swilling said that he is resting a bit easier after a recent conversation with members of the Tiger football staff.


"The coaches were letting me know that they want me for football, which was great to hear," he said. "Coach [Trent] Johnson is looking at me for basketball as well, so to know that I can get over to LSU and they would take me on in either sport is a great feeling."


Where does the Tiger staff see the junior prospect projecting on the gridiron at the collegiate level?


"They said that they want a big guy who can run, and they found that in me," Swilling said. "I have been playing a lot of defensive back lately, so I think they will be evaluating me as a safety. It really does not matter too much to me because I just want that chance to be a part of the team."


With the Tigers' second junior day approaching this weekend, Swilling is undecided on if he will be able to make the trip to Baton Rouge.


"I am hoping to get over there since I missed the last junior day," he said. "We have a basketball playoff game Friday night, so I will see how I am feeling after that. I am trying not to stack too much up right now with recruitment, because I really just want to focus on winning out here in basketball first."


When Swilling does put more focus into the recruiting process there is one team that the others are chasing in both directions.


"LSU is right at the top for sure, regardless if it is football or basketball," he said. "LSU is always a great program and one that I kind of call my home school. Regardless of what direction I go, LSU will be right in the top two or three schools. It is just hard not to look at the program and be very interested in what they have to offer."


Swilling's father, Pat Swilling Sr., made five Pro Bowl appearances as a linebacker with the New Orleans Saints.

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