King calls on LSU

Coaches are limited in the type of contact they can have with recruits at this time of the year, but that hasn't been an obstacle for 4-star defensive end Gabe King and the LSU coaches. LSU may not be able to pick up the phone and call King directly, but there is nothing preventing the nation's eighth ranked defensive end from initiating the contact.

Just last Wednesday King (6-5, 245, 4.9) felt the urge to call up LSU head coach Les Miles to get to know the headman a little better.


“I called them up to talk to coach (Les) Miles and I talked to coach (D.J.) McCarthy and some of the other coaches too,” said King, who was in on 75 tackles and nine sacks as a junior. “I have interest in LSU, and I’m just trying to get to know all of the coaches at all of the schools I’m looking at.”


King said that was the third or fourth time that he’s put in a call to LSU since he picked up his offer nearly a month ago. So far, he likes what he’s heard and learned about the Tigers.


“Actually, I think I might have talked to LSU more than anyone else now,” he said. “I like LSU and who couldn’t like LSU as a high school athlete.


“They stand out because they have a wonderful coaching staff, and I can’t see too much wrong with LSU. I’d love to make a visit down to LSU, down to the bayou,” King added with a laugh.”


King plans on hitting the road this summer and LSU is one of the schools he plans to visit. Between now and then he will continue to learn as much as he can about the schools and coaches he has an interest in, and he has a method for doing so.


“I’m talking to as many coaches as I can so I can see how I relate to them, and how I fit into their schemes,” said King, who is ranked No. 48 in the Scout 100. “I love to hear about graduation rates and the alumni that graduate from a school.


“I like to know that there is a good relationship with the coaches and players even after they’re recruited, because when you’re being recruited everything is in your court when you haven’t signed with anyone. Then when you get there I’ve heard some players say the colleges treat you like a piece of meat. I want to go some place where things won’t really change and everything will stay the same after I sign and become a part of the team.”


King is also interested in the current staff’s stability at a school because he has seen first hand how coaching turnover can affect a player’s future, such as the case with his brother, Antonio King, who signed with Kent State.


“When I talk to coaches I love to find out how long they’ve been there and are there any possibilities about a coaching switch,” King said. “My brother’s coach left after his freshman year and he went from being a starter his whole freshman year to not getting a lot of time because the coaches that came after him didn’t like him and thought he was a cocky football player.


“I don’t want to be that type of player where none of the people that recruited me are there anymore. It’s like where’s my family and that’s where the family oriented thing comes in. It’s like I’m going to be married to these people for the rest of my life. When you get to college it’s like the coach is your daddy, and you got 10 or 15 dads. That’s why the family feeling is so important to me.”


King says that he has a good feel for what he has learned about LSU based on the information he has received, but he’s looking for a little more personal contact.


“I’m still learning but I really like LSU,” he said. “I just really want to make the trip now so I can meet the coaches face to face. I want to talk to them face to face because I like to look a man in his eye just like I know they want to do with me.”


If King gets the opportunity to meet with the coaches face to face as he wishes, one thing he hopes to expand on is the staff’s thoughts on maximizing his talent and ability.


“They’ve sent a lot of guys to the pros and you notice that when you look at schools,” he said. “A school like LSU is always successful and is always getting good players, so you know you’re going to have a lot of good players surrounding you. I’m interested in seeing how they make their players better and what they have in place.”


King, who says that his offer list goes well into the 20s, rattled off a list of favorites at this point in time, but stressed that his list and pecking order is not set in stone by any stretch of the imagination.


“People ask me for my favorites and I tell them who they are, but a lot of that has to do with the fact that I’ve talked to the coaches at those schools and I’ve liked what I’ve heard,” he said. “I’d say they are Cal, UNC, LSU, Michigan and probably UCLA. Those are the ones that might be under the microscope a little more right now. But that’s not my final list or anything because I haven’t had a chance to talk to all of the coaches.”

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