Allen ready for LSU

The Tigers are in need of a fullback, and Dominique Allen said that he can't get there quick enough. The 5-foot-11, 250-pound back will arrive in Baton Rouge at the end of May, which he said marks day one of a bright future with the Bayou Bengals.

Quinn Johnson was on his way out, and the graduation of LSU's fullback left a void that head coach Les Miles looked to fill with a four-year starter.

That quest led the Tigers to Paris, Tenn., where Allen was a breakout running back for Henry County High. As a senior, he carried the ball 102 times for 911 yards and 21 touchdowns.

He broke every rushing record the school had during his stay, a performance that warranted the Volunteer State standout looks from programs across the Southeast.

Yet, after a visit to Baton Rouge, Allen said that he knew where his future was going to play out at.

"After I visited the first time, I just knew I was a Tiger," he said. "I saw Quinn was leaving and I kind of wanted to play right away, because I felt I can contribute. I met the guys and everyone was like me, good character athletes and all that.

"With signing day come and gone, I know that all I have to do now is what the staff tells me and I should be good."

Doing what the staff tells him, as Allen said, revolves in large part around the workout schedule handed to him by strength and conditioning coordinator Tommy Moffitt.

"Coach Moffitt has me working on my speed, and the workouts I am on now are different than anything I ever did in high school," he said. "He wants me to stay at 250 pounds, but I am running a lot more every day. I feel great, to be honest."

What does he hope the summer holds before his first season on the Southeastern Conference gridiron?

"I want to get myself familiar with everything, from the playbook to the staff's coaching style," he said. "I think I will catch on quick and be able to help the team in a big way in the fall."

A one time Tennessee commitment, Allen said that this past is now just a distant memory.

"I am really happy with the way everything has panned out for me," he said. "I am a Tiger for life, now. My grades are going to be good to go, so I will be there May 29."

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