Pryer making a move

Benay Pryer began emerging as one of the top defensive line prospects in Louisiana's 2008 class during his senior season, but his grades prevented his recruitment from ever really taking off. LSU placed him at Mississippi Gulf Coast, and now after a year in junior college, Pryer will be looking to sign with a school later this year.

LSU’s placement of Pryer came with a few expectations on Pryer’s end, and the 6-foot-6, 280-pound defensive end has been working to hold up his end of the bargain thus far.

“LSU placed me at Gulf Coast to work on my grades and develop a more aggressive attitude,” he said. “They also wanted me to get my weight down and get stronger in the weight room. My defensive line coach at Gulf Coast really helped me a lot. I worked on technique and got better at stopping the run.”

And with regard to his grades, Pryer has been making steady progress.

“My core GPA is a 2.8, so my grades are good right now,” he said. “I’m going to be taking classes at Baton Rouge Community College over the summer. Then I’ll just need two more core classes in the fall and I’ll be ready to graduate in December.”

Those last two classes Pryer will need in the fall will be in a different setting as he is preparing to transfer from Gulf Coast to Kilgore Community College.

“Everything was fine my first year at Gulf Coast,” he said. “I worked really hard, and I redshirted because I knew I only needed one year in junior college because I knew where I was going. But then they started telling me how they were just going to use me to take up blockers on every play so the linebackers could roam free, and I didn’t like the direction things were heading.”

“I felt like there was a better opportunity for me to play at Kilgore, so I left Gulf Coast and I’m finishing my semester at Kilgore. I’m supposed to be signing my scholarship papers on Friday.”

The school Pryer mentioned he already knows he will be going to is LSU. The loyalty the Tigers have shown him throughout this entire process is a big reason why, and he still wants to be at LSU as long as they still want him.

“Going to LSU games the last few years, the fans support them 100%,” Pryer said. “They are the hometown team, and everyone wants you to stay close to home. Plus they have stuck with me through all of this, from back in high school when I didn’t qualify to helping me figure out what to do after and what my options were. They know I’ll do whatever it takes to get to LSU, especially Coach Miles.”

While Pryer is not shy about his plans to be a Tiger next spring, that has not stopped other schools from showing interest in him, and he says he is going to listen to what they have to say.

“I haven’t talked to LSU much lately, but the last time we talked they said everything was still good,” he said. “I just figure I need to do my part as far as I’m concerned. But other schools have been contacting me and showing interest. I’m getting letters from Ole Miss, Miami, Louisville, and Memphis right now. I figure I’ll start getting more attention once the season rolls around because a lot of schools want to see me play.”

“I pretty much consider myself a Tiger right now, but I am open to other schools,” he continued. “I’m probably going to visit other schools, but it would take something pretty big to change my mind. If everything doesn’t go through like it’s supposed to with LSU then I’ll have to look around more seriously. Since I’m going to be graduating in December, I guess that means if I haven’t started hearing from them by November then I’ll have to see what else is out there.”

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