Getting to know Lamin Barrow

Louisiana had a few linebackers in the 2009 class that LSU looked at and one that the coaches liked enough to offer was Lamin Barrow. The John Ehret product is enjoying his time off before he moves to Baton Rouge in a few weeks and he recently took some time to chat with

Lamin Barrow

Position: Linebacker

Current Size and Speed: 6-foot-2, 225 lbs., 4.5

High School: John Ehret

City-State: Marrero, LA

Senior Stats: 71 tackles, 13 for loss, two interceptions, five forced fumbles

Senior Awards/Honors: LSWA Class 5A All-State (1st team), District 8-5A Defensive MVP

Senior Video:

Recruited By: LSU, Kansas State, Louisiana Tech, Mississippi, Texas A&M Position Ranking: No. 20 SLB (***)



On his senior season at John Ehret….. “I had a pretty good season. I was All-District, All-Metro and All-State this year. I led my team in tackles and was player of the week a few times. So, personally I had a good season. 


“From a team standpoint, we had a disappointing season. We made it to the first round of the playoffs, but we lost to St. Paul. I was real disappointed that we didn’t do as well as we expected. I wouldn’t say I’m over it, but committing to LSU help me with that.”


Barrow was a leader on the team….. “I guess you could say I lead by example. People usually follow suit on what I’m doing. I’m hard working and people like it.”


On track….. “I ran a little bit of track this year. I kind of injured my hamstring a little bit while practicing. I just practiced with the team; I didn’t compete.”


Any other injuries….. “I had a couple of concussions my sophomore year. I had a concussion last year. I missed one of our games out with a concussion. It wasn’t real serious just some helmet complications.”


The recruiting process….. “I wouldn’t say I miss anything, but it was a good thing when it was going on. It was definitely overwhelming and all of that. I had fun while it lasted, but I think right now I’m glad its over.”


On choosing LSU….. “LSU’s big from where I’m from. Everywhere you go you see somebody with an LSU license plate or something. From where I’m from it’s the place to be. I’m from New Orleans; I’m from Marrero; it’s very territorial. If you’re from Louisiana, LSU’s where you want to go.”


Barrow’s other choices….. “I considered Ole Miss. I considered Kansas. I considered Kansas State. They are all good schools, but I just wanted to stay close to home.”


On his favorite thing about LSU….. “Just the environment. It’s so welcoming. The school is one of the best schools in the country. I feel like I’m going to get a degree from a good school and set my life up for the future. I want to study business, but I think I may switch my major over to kinesiology.”


Moving up to Baton Rouge….. “I think it’s June 5 or 6.”


On his roommates….. “I’ve got to call and see. They sent my information to move in and all of that but I don’t know my roommates.”

Lamin Barrow says he's up to 225 pounds

How the offseason workouts are going….. “The offseason is good. We just started Phase II of the workout. I’ve been doing my workouts every day. I feel like I’ve gotten a little stronger, a little faster. Hopefully I can get under a 4.5. I’m up to 225 pounds and I’m 6-2 right now.”


On how his size stacks up in college….. “I have a frame where I can put some weight on. I should add at least 10, 15 pounds. They like my size and my range. I’m not really too tall, but I’m real lanky. I have long arms.”


Barrow’s academic status….. “I’m qualified with my ACT. My ACT is a 21. My transcript has to come in so I’m just waiting for that from the clearing house. That should be done by the end of this week. My core GPA is somewhere around a 2.2.”


Note: With a 21 or 84 composite points on the ACT Barrow would need at least a 2.050 core grade point average to be a full academic qualifier.


Jersey number….. “I haven’t talked to anybody about my jersey number yet. If I can have my high school number, which is 51, I’ll take it, but it doesn’t really matter.”


Becoming friends with the recruits and players….. “I met all my teammates that I’m coming in with. One of the first teammates I met was Morris Claiborne. Him and me kicked it off at the summer camp. I’m cool with Tahj Jones. I’m cool with Russell Shepard.”


Expectations for playing time….. “I’m just kind of letting it happen. They tell me they are expecting me to play and all. Whenever the coaches feel like I’m ready to play, that’s when I’m going to play.”


On the possibility of redshirting….. “For me, I wouldn’t mind redshirting, but they haven’t brought up the possibility of redshirting.”


Hidden talent of Barrow….. “I’m a good artist. I’ve been in the gifted and talented program. Whenever I have to draw something for school, I can be a good artist.”


Favorite food….. “Chicken. We eat Popeyes a lot around here.”


Movie….. “It’ll probably be either Coming to America or Paid in Full.”


On being a sports fan….. “I watch a lot of college football. I’m a big Saints fan. I just started watching basketball. I’m really getting into the playoffs with Lebron and Kobe.”


Who will win the NBA title….. “I’ve always liked the Denver Nuggets. I don’t think they’ll win, but I want them to beat Kobe. I think Lebron is going to take it this year.”


Barrow looks up to….. “I wouldn’t say I look up to anybody. My father told me to be my own man. If I would have to say somebody that influenced me the most it would be Drake Nevis. He was one of my best friends growing up.”


Wants to tell LSU fans….. “Get ready. I know a lot of fans were a little disappointed after last year, but we have a good senior class. I plan on being one of the best players on the team.”

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