Getting to know Stavion Lowe

Stavion Lowe battled a couple of injuries during his senior campaign but he tells he is healthy and counting down the days before he moves to Baton Rouge.

Stavion Lowe

Position: Offensive Lineman

Current Size and Speed: 6-foot-5, 305 lbs., 5.3

High School: Brownwood High School

City-State: Brownwood, TX

Senior Awards/Honors: Class 3A Honorable Mention All-State; Under Armour All-American

Junior Video:

Recruited By: LSU, Arkansas, Auburn, Notre Dame, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas A&M Position Ranking: No. 13 OG (****)



Lowe’s senior season….. “At first our team started out fast. I had an injury the second game of the season and didn’t come back until the seventh game. It was an MCL and I had a high-low ankle sprain. When I came back I made up for lost time. We had the No. 1 most productive offense in 3A in the state of Texas. We had three or four Division-1 athletes.”


Basketball helped with football….. “I played basketball my freshman year. We played pickup games a lot after school. It helps a lot with footwork because you’re never standing still. It takes a lot of coordination and helps make me a better lineman.”


On his weight….. “The only thing I really didn’t like was that I was heavier last year. Some of it came from the injury. I was 295 last year, but in the season I played at 315. I’m 305 now because of the offseason workouts. That’s the only thing I see that was lacking in my performance. I feel a lot better now then I did during the season.


The recruiting trail….. “The attention was cool. Once the schools start to get on you, it can get overwhelming at times. It kind of stresses you out, but it’s a good stress, not a bad stress. You’re not in a bad position to be in. It just depends on how you handle it. Some people handle it better than others. It was enjoyable because I knew I had the opportunity to play somewhere after high school, and that was what I was shooting for.”


On his visits….. “I got a chance to visit different schools, mainly in the SEC. I went to LSU, Tennessee, Alabama and Auburn. At first, distance wasn’t a problem. It kind of dawned on me how far out I was when I was visiting. I really didn’t like that. I just fell in love with LSU from the first time I saw it. The second time I came back for a couple of games.”


Was there a second choice….. “Now that I think about it I honestly don’t think there was. It came down to LSU, OU, Florida and UCLA. I felt like my heart chose LSU.”


Thin on the offensive line at LSU….. “At first the depth chart seemed pretty thick, and then it seemed like stuff happened and it started trimming off. There are opportunities here. I was talking to the assistant offensive line coach, and he was talking to me about the depth chart. He said if I keep working there is a chance I could make the travel squad.”


On if he prefers having a stronger or weaker depth chart….. “I would want to have somebody to look up to that could push me, but at the same time I would want it to be slim like it is now. I kind of came into both situations with Ciron Black and Joseph Barksdale. They are going to be able to help and teach me the ins and outs.”


Texans becoming Tigers….. “I’m surprised they haven’t recruited more from Texas. Outside of OU and Texas, we don’t have any other dominant schools. Texas should really be a pipeline to LSU. It’s a similar atmosphere and the same kind of people, it’s just a different state. I don’t see why more Texas players haven’t been going there all along.”


O-line size comparison….. “I know they are normally taller, but I can leverage play. A lot of guys are larger than me at the tackle position, but I just need to work on my technique. As far as size, I don’t think there will be an issue for me.”

Tackle or guard….. “I talked to coach Porter a couple times and coach Stud at the spring game. They said I looked good physically when they saw me. If I keep working, opportunities will be there. Coach Stud just told me tackle, but he didn’t specify right or left. I like left side. That’s where I’ve mostly been.”

Stavion Lowe battled injuries during his senior season but he says he's healthy and ready to go

Offseason workouts….. “I’m following coach Moffitt’s workout step by step. I’m working out with a couple guys. We hit it hard every day. Those 110’s are killing me. I’m trying to get my mind right for the next level. Our weight program at Brownswood was tough; it’s one of the best in Texas. Moffit’s workout is just a lot more running. But I’m going to be ready for 110’s when I get to campus. 

Lowe’s opinion on the spring game….. “Spring game was fun. I saw a lot of upside from the team and both sides of the ball were very productive. I think we can win games with any of the quarterbacks. I think Ciron and Barks look in better shape than they did last year, and Greg Shaw looked pretty good going against Rahim Alem. I think we’re ready to make a deep run this year.”

Heading up to Baton Rouge….. I’m moving up on June 7. One of my roommates is going to be Michael Brockers.”

Can’t wait to get to campus….. “Everyday I wake up and say I’m one day closer to moving to campus. I have a lot of questions and anticipation. I just can’t wait to get down there and get in the mix. It’s exciting thinking about a whole new life.”

Jersey number….. “I don’t know the number yet but I always had 64 or 68 in high school.”

Keeping in touch with guys….. “I talk to Shep here and there. He keeps me updated. He says it’s different. It’s fun but its serious business. He said keep your head straight and focus. There are a lot of things to learn when I get there with school, football, the playbook and all that stuff.  The biggest part is getting prepared mentally. I talked with Chris Faulk some about his arm injury. I met Michael Brockers at the spring game. We have similar personalities. I talked Craig Loston about workouts and getting prepared to come in. It seems like we’re all on the same page.”

Lowe’s goals….. “Personally, I want to come in and learn fast so I can hit the ground running and contribute as much as possible. A national championship should be the team goal for this season. It seemed like Jordan Jefferson made us a totally different team last year. If everyone goes out there focused and gives it their best we can compete for another championship. We have all the tools.

Academically solid….. “I was pretty much set after I got my SAT score. Staying my second semester helped boost that up. I got an 1160 on my SAT and a 2.8 GPA. Now that I got accepted into the university I also got accepted into the College of Engineering so that’s what I’ll be doing.”


Surprising about Lowe….. “On first impression people see this quiet guy. Once you get to know me you realize that I like to laugh a lot. That’s what all my friends tell me.”


Any nicknames….. “Big Scoot. It’s just a nickname I’ve always had. Everybody calls me that. I couldn’t even tell you how it started.”


If he could meet one celebrity….. “Michael Jordan. He’s my favorite athlete. I look up to him a lot. He’s the best player that ever played basketball. I would just like to meet him and see what kind of person he is.”


Favorite restaurant….. “I haven’t been to many in Baton Rouge, but in Texas I like Pappasito’s and Razzoos.”


Favorite pro players….. “I like LeBron James, but I like Carmelo Anthony a lot more. I’m really pulling for the Nuggets right now. If the Cavs met the Nuggets in the finals, I think the Cavs would win, but I want the Nuggets to win.


Lowe wants to tell Tiger Nation….. “Look forward to great things and hopefully one or two championships at least.”

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