Getting to know Brandon Worle

Brandon Worle wasted little time in fulfilling his dream of being an LSU Tiger and he gave subscribers some insight into his decision and who Brandon Worle is off the field.

Brandon Worle

Position: Fullback

Current Size and Speed: 6-0.5/230/4.62

Current Bench: 295

Current Squat: 435

Current Clean: 295

High School: Troup County HS

City-State: LaGrange, Ga.

Junior Video vs. Carver HS:

Offered By: LSU, Tennessee, Florida, Georgia, Oklahoma State and Central Florida

Committed to LSU: April 30, 2009 Position Ranking: #6 FB (***)



Why LSU so early in the process….. “That’s where I’ve been wanting to go ever since I saw that highlight film of LSU [2005 Season] with Early Doucet and JaMarcus Russell; that just blew my mind. I said I have to be a part of this and ever since then I’ve been on the bandwagon. I went down for Junior Day and I wasn’t leaving without being a Tiger.”


Junior Day….. “I was sold on LSU before I went and then I saw how nice the facilities were and the people welcomed me on a big red carpet. The other schools I have been to were like ‘Ok, Brandon Worle is here and then kept going.’ But at LSU they welcomed me more than any of the other schools ever did. They really rolled out the red carpet and showed me how bad they wanted me.”


Thoughts on LSU coaches….. “One thing my father taught me before he went off was to look the coaches in the eye and scrape off the makeup. Most coaches will just say anything to get you there, but there was just something about the LSU coaches that made me feel like they were being real with me.


“I asked them about the depth and they told me they had some walkons and one scholarship guy, and I’d have my chance to play. Other coaches would tell me that I’m going to be special and that I was going to do this, this and this, which kind of made me feel like they were just blowing my head up. I liked the connection that I had with Coach ([Larry] Porter, Coach [Les] Miles and the rest of the guys. It’s like they don’t have to try so hard to get to you because they are just real.”


The latest on how he will be used at LSU….. “I talked to Coach Porter and he said they think I can do several things, kind of like Charles Scott did early on. I’m still a fullback, but they think I can do some good things running the ball too instead of just being only a blocker.”


Type of player Worle is….. “I’m very versatile and can do whatever you tell me to do. I can run, catch; basically I’m just your all-around type of player.”


What about blocking….. “Oh yea, I’m a good blocker. I take that serious. I take that real serious.”


Thoughts on hitting people….. “I love to hit people. That’s like a hobby of mine [laughing]. That’s one of my hobbies. I love to see the expressions on people’s faces when I hit them because they don’t expect it. I’m a bully on the field because I’m going to hit you and I’m going to make you feel it. It feels good to me to hit people. The migraines, I love them. I’m not one of those types of guys that takes cheap shots but when I get the chance to hit you, I’m going to hit you and you’re going to feel it.”


Career at Troup County….. “I’ve rushed for something like 750-800 yards my sophomore and junior years with about 10 touchdowns. I never really ran the ball much, but I’ve dropped some weight so I may get more touches this year. I may even play some defense so who knows [laughing].”


Other schools offering since committing to LSU….. “Tennessee, Georgia and Florida all offered after I committed then I already had Oklahoma State and Central Florida.”


Brandon Worle says his commitment is on solid ground

Others haven’t given up….. “College coaches ask my coaches about me and say they’re going to keep recruiting me, but I keep telling everybody I’m committed to LSU. There ain’t no changing my mind because I found my next home.”


Hometown folks say….. “Most of the people say I should have waited it out to see what Georgia said, but overall those close to me are happy for me. They like the fact that I’m getting away and representing well.”


Helped Worle become the man he is….. “Of course, my mom and dad. But Coach [George] Brewer [defensive coordinator/defensive line coach] and Coach Bubba Jeter [Troup County head coach] really influenced me to play football when I was a freshman. I wasn’t really looking at football as much even though I played when I was younger, but they sat me down and told me they really wanted me to play and showed me where I could be. They put me to the test and look where I’m at now? So, I thank them a lot for where I am now.”


Any teachers that have made a big impact….. “All of them have really helped me a lot over the years, so I can’t really mention one specifically. We’d be here all day if I started naming all of them [laughing].”


Current academic status….. “I picked up my report card on Friday and my GPA is a 3.0. I haven’t taken the ACT or SAT yet because something happened when I sent my papers off to register for it, so I couldn’t take it then.”


When Worle’s not playing football or working out he is….. “Hanging out with friends or watching some cartoons here or there. I love some cartoons.”


This summer….. “I’m in summer school to make sure my grades are going to be good for when I graduate. I’m taking some classes that I’d have to take next year, and we’re seeing if there’s any chance I could graduate in December.”


“I’ll be working out a lot too to make sure I’m in the best shape of my life for my senior season.”


Favorite cartoon….. “I love Scooby Doo [laughing loud]. I love watching the old ones.”


Favorite character on Scooby….. “I like Scooby. He’s always into something [laughing].”


Can’t beat mom’s cooking….. “My favorite food is a dish that my mother makes called Shepherd’s Pie. Put a little bit of ground beef and potatoes and cheese all mixed together, and that’s my favorite dish.”


Favorite movie….. “I really like Friday Night Lights [the movie and not the TV series]. I just idolize Boobie Myles. The fact that the team was real with it and the town and everything; I just like that.”


Favorite actor….. “I’d have to say Chris Tucker. He’s just a clown. I like Will Smith too.”


Favorite actress….. “Jada Pinkett. She’s demanding. The movies she’s in, she doesn’t care who she rubs the wrong way. She’s always just her regardless of what people think.”


Worle tells LSU fans….. “Here I come and Geaux Tigers.”


Thoughts on LSU’s 2009 season….. “I think they can win it all. They have a good team with guys like Chad Jones, Charles Scott, Jordan Jefferson. They have some weapons. I’ll be catching some games this year and I can’t wait to see that stadium rocking with 93,000.”

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