Hurd and Lewis talk Baton Rouge

Tony Hurd's recruitment continues. After taking in Baton Rouge alongside Shaun Lewis, the junior worked through a hip injury and into the spot of the camps' top cornerback prospect. After a Tuesday afternoon visit with head coach Les Miles, Hurd was asked to be patient just a little longer.

Defensive backs coach Ron Cooper has his hands full with a pair from east Texas.

At Marshall High in Missouri City, there is the nation’s No. 24 ranked cornerback – Tony Hurd.

At Hightower High in neighboring Sugar Land, there is the nation’s No. 6 ranked outside linebacker – Shaun Lewis.

This past weekend, the duo hopped in a car headed for Baton Rouge. After camping Sunday through Wednesday, the two seem higher than ever on the Tiger program.

“It was a really great time getting to know the coaches, especially working with [defensive coordinator] coach [John] Chavis,” Lewis said. “He put me on a whole bunch of good technique tips, and I really liked his coaching style.

“He was a guy that I could see myself playing for, and that is what I came here to find out.”

Hurd, who entered the weekend with hopes of an offer, left empty handed.

Of course, in typical style, the 5-foot-9, 185-pound Hurd was smiling from ear-to-ear.

“The week was rough for me playing through my hip injury, but I felt like I was the best cornerback that showed up,” he said. “I was determined to do my best, and for the most part, I think I came through.”

Of course, playing through an injury and keeping it hidden are not one in the same.

“It seemed like coach Miles and coach Cooper were watching me a lot, and they kept telling me that they realized I was not playing at 100 percent,” he said. “I think they liked that determination, so I just kept my head up.”

After a private sit-down with both Cooper and Miles on Tuesday afternoon, the future for Hurd in purple and gold will be put off a little longer.

“Coach Cooper said that he was not handing out a lot of offers to cornerbacks until he saw everybody, and he said that the next camp is going to have more guys he needs to see first,” he said. “He did tell me that I was at the top of the remaining guys with a chance of being offered, but he wanted to see me alongside them first.

“He asked me to come back and be a part of the July camp, but under the condition that I stayed rested up so that I could come back at full strength. He said the evaluation for me would come then, and we would talk about an offer from there.”

Before leaving the facilities, Hurd was pulled aside by the Tiger headman.

“Coach Miles got me into his office and sat me down for a good bit,” he said. “He told me that I was the kind of player he loved, and that he wanted me back at the July camp just as bad as anyone on the staff. He said he knows I can do big things.”

What came next, Hurd said, was music to his ears.

“Coach smiled at me and let me know that there is a Tony Hurd fan base out there, and he is a part of it,” he said.

Lewis, who already holds a Tiger offer, said that the weekend was more about supporting a friend than bringing attention to his game.

“The coaches told me I did not even have to come or work out, but I did both because I wanted to be alongside Tony,” he said. “I kind of know all about LSU and the coaches because I have been into the program for a while.

“This was more of a relaxing time, and that is what we are doing.”

Before heading out of the facilities, the four-star outside linebacker also sat down with the LSU headman.

“He and coach Chavis kept letting me know that I was among the top linebackers on the board, and anytime that I was ready to be a Tiger, I could make the call,” Lewis said. “There was never any pressure to commit, but there was a strong bond there.

“LSU is in a real good spot for me.”

When it comes to Hurd, as Tiger fans have come to know, there is little debating how good of a spot LSU could be.

“I am coming to the camp in July with the same goal I came here with,” he said. “I want that offer so I can go ahead and get down to Baton Rouge.”

Having too much fun to head home, the Texas pair will extend their unofficial a bit longer.

“I don’t think we are going to leave until Thursday,” Lewis said.

"Maybe even Friday," Hurd added.

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